Stuck in Necropolar "Shield"?


I’m at the point in the Necropolar where I’m supposed to find a way to disable Roma’s shields. Somehow I got through the portal without taking it down, and now I can’t move. Neither locomotion nor joystick teleportation will get me moving. Is there a way for me to get out without either teleporting home or going to graveyard?


you’ll probably have to graveyard or teleport home, but the nearest “graveyard” is right around the corner.


Not only did that pull me out of it, but it also put me exactly where I needed to go next for the quest! Thank you!


What you most likely did was stick your hand through the shield and teleport, it will get you stuck.


If you circle arround to the right of the shield , the shield will sometimes appear to go down and you can walk into the area and then it comes back and you get stuck … I had to graveyard because of that and Completed my MSQ with all broken gear and a freshly looted wand =p

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