Stuck outside of the world, near player housing

This is for Riley/devs mostly.

I was exploring around inside of the player housing building and walked outside of the wall. to the side of the building is another level of the housing. It looked very fancy and something that I had not seen in game yet. I teleported up to the area and explored around. I could not get back down so I used the Warrior’s taunt to try and get back down. It fell through the floor and I was teleported far below the player housing.

Nothing I did would bring me back up to the housing, or into the graveyard. I’m still stuck there now. I’ll post a link for the devs so hopefully it will help with the issue. I’m sure they will know what I’m talking about.

P.S.- I’m having so much fun with the game so far. The player base is amazing and the experiences we shared will always be memories of laughing out loud and working together. We took down the dungeon boss without a tank! And I was level 7! So much fun!!!

When that happened to me I had to re-log. I couldn’t​ do anything, spells wouldn’t work out there, the graveyard bug fix didn’t work. When I logged back in I was in my house, and could open the door and get out. If you spawn back on the second floor, the only way to get out is to make a portal.

You walked outside of the wall as in using your room-scale movement to go past the wall?

Are you still stuck?

I got into the upper floor of the house & found that I couldn’t teleport back down to the main level. Thankfully I noticed the warrior sword falling through the floor before I went to it, otherwise I would have ended up in the same state as Skywalker. He and I were in the same party when it happened. For some reason the teleport runes wouldn’t work for Skywalker when he was in the void. The ‘To Graveyard’ button didn’t work, you respawned exactly where you were standing instead of going to a graveyard.

I got out with a Runemage teleport.

I did walk outside of the wall using my roomscale. I tried to relog and reconnect, but it kept me in the same spot underneath the world. As Pyrarrows said, I attempted the Runemage teleport, but I was unsuccessful(I’m not very good at it to begin with).

P.S.- What’s up Pyra!!! Did you get those videos up yet??

P.S.S. Riley- I don’t know as far as coding/game making goes, but I found that BAM(bullets and more) has a really good way of combating players using roomscale to get out of the world/walk through walls. When you walk towards a wall, it just slightly teleports you back to right in front of the wall. I don’t know how that effects the rest of the game, but I thought it was a good feature.

Thanks for all your hard work!!!

EDIT - Video of player housing hidden area exploration - Now, that’s a tongue twister…

Still working on some of the videos. Blasted OBS defaulted back to using .flv files instead of a more standard format. My video editing software eats CPU like there’s no tomorrow when trying to edit those video clips… At least the video is fairly high quality.

Now that I think about it, you truly became a skywalker, that night, didn’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll make sure to post a video to show what I saw while in the player house, Maybe Riley might be able to get an idea on how to reproduce what we encountered from it.

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