[Suggestion] Additional Damage Mechanics

I think it would be nice if the combat-system could get some more depth to it. One way to achieve this could be armor and damage types. For example there could be different types of armor

  • cloth
  • leather
  • plate

And different kind of attacks

  • magic
  • slash (ex. sword slashes)
  • pierce (ex. arrows)
  • smash (ex. hammers or something like that)

Of course this would also translate to enemies. Crab enemies could have plate armor and would be weak against smash attacks while stags would have leather armor and be weak against slashes… stuff like that.

With such a system it would become more tactical and interesting to engage in combat. People would try to prepare for different situations or party up with other players to solve these encounters.

Right now the game has spells and attacks which are obviously elemental spells. However, it seems to me (maybe I missed something) that enemies and the players don’t have any elemental weakness and that spells and attacks dont actually are elemental but its just the name that refers to an element.
Wouldn’t it be nice if enemies and players had elemental weaknesses and strengths? With such a system we could approach enemies with more tactic.

For example there is the area with the burning trees and the red-dragons which use fire-attacks. If these fire-attacks actually had a fire element the players could just encounter em like normal or go the extra mile to get a armor with fire-defense so they have a easier time. Fire-Element could then be weak against ice and so we could try to concentrate on those skills to take out enemies in a more efficient way.

A elemental system would add a new but simple layer of mechanics on the existing combat system and wouldn’t make it much more complicated.

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So we do have a couple of mechanics that are laying the groundwork for this right now but just aren’t super fleshed out yet.

First off, each attack in the game is either Magical Damage or Physical Damage. Intellect and Strength are the two stats that affect those differently, and there are potions and spells that take advantage of boosting/defending against each, as well as advanced tertiary stats that increase your defense in each. So it might be if you are facing a dragon with a lot of breath attacks which are Magical you want to equip your rings that have +Mag Def, for example.

In addition to that, every ability attack in the game is associated with 1 of 6 Runic Types. Right now we aren’t doing a lot with that other than it being important for Artificing, but we are planning to play with that when it comes to for example the end-game shard dungeons, we may have a modification to the dungeon where Roh damage is boosted or Teh damage is a weakness to the monsters.

We haven’t taken it as far yet though as to make for example a Rock Golem have built-in natural resistance to Roh attacks.

We decided to go that route instead of elemental resistances simply because a) I feel like it’s been done to death and b) while it makes a lot of sense for the Runemae, the elemental magic stuff doesn’t make much sense for things like the Warrior unless we’re going to say all of his attacks are “Fire based.” However it does work to say the Mage’s Fireball and the Warrior’s Wound Combo are both Roh attacks.

So, yeah, there is definitely groundwork there for a lot of what you’re suggesting, in terms of different gear for different situations, using certain abilities/spells depending on the environment/monster you are fighting, etc., it’s just not something we’ve had time to take full advantage of yet, and it’s stuff that mostly comes into play at max-level content right now.

The other thing I’ve seen suggested that goes along with that is environmental affectations, meaning for example being in the Frosted Spit/Necropolar would require some sort of buff or gear that is Cold-resistant, maybe when you’re delving ancient ruins there is magical radiation you need to protect against, etc. We are also interested in exploring that in the future.

I feel like a broken record but all I can say is, we have lots of long-term plans to expand on all these things and we’ve laid the groundwork for it, but it will just take time :slight_smile:


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