[Suggestion] Day-Night-System

I absolutely love day-night-systems and I am really glad OrbusVR has longer durations for each phase and not just 30minutes night/day. I also got some ideas because right now it seems that day-night only has graphical changes and nothing else. Here are some ideas I think could make this system even more interesting

  • Change the music to something else
  • Have sound effects such as owls howling or wolves or crickets
  • Let other enemies appear at night
  • Have some enemies sleep at night
  • Have some enemies get stronger at night
  • Have some NPCs only appear at night
  • Add the option to equip lamps or torches to counter the darkness. This already is a nice feature in the first dungeon!
  • Have some “collectibles” (such as the queens ears and stuff like that) that only appears at night
  • It would also be fun to have equipment that gets stronger during the night or weaker

I hope the day-night system will become more meaningful in the future :slight_smile:


Yeah so this is really interesting, because we have done a lot of talking about this behind-the-scenes.

There are some places in the game that we are intending to do Day-Night cycle differences, in particular the Fishing system for the rare fish is going to rely heavily on time of day.

We’re also hoping to get NPCs that can eventually walk on different schedules around town, so they would be in different places at different times of the day. We may also in the future have side quests where certain things have to happen at day/night, but as you said since our night cycle is quite long, we didn’t want to have anything Main Story related that followed that because we didn’t want you to have to wait around 5 hours to be able to talk to a key NPC if you only have an hour to play at a certain time of day.

So, yeah, we’re definitely planning on doing more with it as the game matures, and those are all fun ideas. Just need more time to keep putting in more stuff! Haha.


Im totally with u when it comes to the main-quest! Glad to hear you guys also have something in mind :slight_smile:

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