Suggestion for making fireball 3/frost 3 a viable spell in my damage rotation


I love casting fireball and frost 3 but it takes too long to draw and travel to an enemy justify adding it to my rotation.

May i recommend either:

  1. simplifying the drawing of fireball 3 so that it is fireball and line there by reducing the cast time.
  2. adding a talent to increase the travel speed of frost and fireball 3 a bit more.

Also wonder if anyone else has some thoughts on how to incorporate fire 3 and frost 3 in to the game a bit more.


Maybe it is better then the T2 spells because of multiple factors. It does double the initial damage, but there is an dot on the enemy. Where I can’t just say one way or another if this is better for slower intervals between spells or faster ones.

Can anyone who is really fast in T2 and T3 frost/fire (and lvl 20 for the talent) test this dps difference with the combat logger? That might just be the easiest test before we all start making assumptions.


if they reduced the cast time, they would have to reduce the dmg a bit or else it would be OP. Elk can push out fireball 3’s as fast as some people can do fireball 2’s. They would need to increase the dmg of it to make it more viable in the rotation in a PvE situation. Increasing the dmg might make it a bit OP as well.

runic speed is already a talent that increases fireball and frost 3 speed

frost 3 is used a lot for soloing monsters and has some use in slowing adds in raids, fireball 3 is used in PvP


Do you have a suggestion on how it could be incorporated more? Or are you suggesting that you are happy with the way it is?


Yes but not quite enough to make it usable in a rotation in PvE content and add it to my rotation but of course frost 3 is very useful for certain situations and I use it regularly and runic speed helps very slightly with that.


But does Elk happily incorporate a fireball 3 in to his rotation? I would say that he doesn’t as he can cast a fireball 2 considerably faster. I can push out fireball 3’s fairly fast but I still cannot justify it as a dps increase enough to add in to any rotation (assuming that the spell would ever reach the boss/mob).


I think it’s good the spells are there and so different things. It’s a good spell to prep for a big burst at the beginning. They would have to completely change what the spell does to add it into rotation over fireball 2. Just like fireball 1 isn’t in any rotations but it is nice for hitting those fat targets or people running away.

It’s good to have some spells that aren’t part of your normal dps rotation.


Making these spells normal rotation will make mage harder than it currently is and as a sub-par mage myself would be disheartening. but as a utility spell it could be good, frost 3 is useful in its ways so i would leave that alone. fireball 3 is slow, less dps and harder to cast (correct me if im wrong on any of that) but maybe if it got a bigger AOE it would be a good initial spell before rotation starts?


I know that the Dev’s have been busy with the creation of Reborn, but has there been any official word if the original classes will be getting a facelift before Reborn launches? I know they are going to be balancing the classes, but I don’t recall if Riley has said anything about addressing some of the recommendations from the community like:
Trap, useless arrows, and overall utility
Tiered Spells, manna shield, and spells to cast for visual effects
Combos variety / usefulness
Haven’t been many that I have seen other than requests making the class able to do more DPS. I think with the ability to disrupt spells with the gravity orb in Reborn, all of the abilities have a useful function in game.


I agree , Make Fireball 3 Have an AOE about half the Size of a Arcane Explosion and I would be casting it.
(even if the AOE only spread fire dots. Have the direct dmg the same and AOE spread dots.)
Make it faster and I would be using it in place of 2.
On a good day, using Talemnar’s Method, I can pump out F3’s As Fast as Greater Afflictions.


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