[Suggestion] Hit indicator

I am confused why I never mentioned this, but I think there absolutely should be some kind of indicator that you have been hit. Sure, once your HP goes way down you have the red shine, but when you are full health and get hit the only thing that indicated this is when you look at your health bar… which takes your focus away from the battle. Please consider doing something about this


We’ll look at improving this. There should be a sound effect when you get attacked, but it sounds like it might be missing sometimes?


Agreed. It’s pretty hard to know when you’ve taken damage. Some kind of sound effect would be great. Instead of every enemy having a sound it could just be your characters voice saying “ouch, please stop” or ya know, something shorter :wink:

there is a soundeffect (at least for me) but it sounds a bit weird like a “crash” from old cartoons when I remember correctly

A specific subtle noise when aggro’d by a monster initially would also be really nice, so you know something is up even before you get hit the first time. (This would be in addition to clear getting-hit audio cues)

I think improving the sound is a good step, but the best type of way to know is both a audio and visual. When you are low health the feedback the game gives is really good as it becomes very obvious you’re close to death. It would be cool to get better visual feedback too when taking damage for the times when you’re not almost dead.

Thrill of the Fight has really good hit indicators. It jars the camera which actually works a lot better than you might think it does. Definitely gets your attention and adds immersion and consequences for taking a hit. Big hits even blurr your vision a bit. I don’t think Orbus should go too far into this kind of thing, but a little camera shake relative to the direction of the hit would be fantastic.

I was on a quest the other day that added a few journal entries. Since no enemies were around I started reading. Just before I finished my screen turned red and then I dropped dead. Apparently I was being attacked from behind for quite awhile.

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