[Suggestion] Let us "lock" our items

I am playing for about 17 hours now and the equipment I find still has the same icon. I got used to this, but due to this I am in danger of accidentaly destroying my best gear. So I always have to use the tooltip to make sure I really want to destroy the item. However, the tooltip takes time to appear and sometimes doesnt even appear at all. Please add a way for us to lock items so we dont accidentaly destory them. Thank you

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Heres my thoughts on the issue:

Problem: I accidentally could destroy my items because the icon looks the same.

Deeper analysis of problem: When I ‘mouse over’ an item it does not come up with a description unless I hold it there for a couple of seconds. This is slow and tedious for me.

Solution: Make it so that when I ‘mouse over’ an item I can see the stats almost immediately.

What do you think?


While this would be great for the overall menu I think it still would not completely adress the issue. This is more like a workaround to me. Maybe the defense or attack value could be shown on the icon. Or some other small icon as an indicator that that equipment piece is the piece with the highest values in your inventory of that type… this would even erase the need for having to rely on the tooltip.


I like the idea of an indicator of some kind on the item icon, perhaps something like the icons that go above enemies, but for gear.

Weapons and armor could have their own pages in the inventory and be sorted by strength in descending order.

I would suggest organizing your bag. Put the best gear in the first slots and the rest in the last slots. Until we get different icons for different gear you need to get creative :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with @J11. In addition to the stats coming up quicker, I think displaying the primary stat number in the corner of the icon or something would help a ton. It may be a bit hard to read, but I still think it would help. Maybe add a “+” after it if it has other stats.

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