Suggestion: New Potion Type: Detect Resource

Goal/Overview/TLDR: This would be a relatively easy to make potion that would help players find harvest nodes easier.

The reasoning here is that it can be difficult to spot some of the smaller resource nodes (Chytrileantro, Coconuts, etc) in the world, and harvesting at night is much harder than during the day. I’ve also found myself deliberately lowering my settings when harvesting to reduce ground clutter and increase visibility of nodes.

This could also help introduce players into alchemy as it’s not a combat balance impacting potion, but could still be extremely useful, and could be made with very basic ingredients (Queen’s Leaf, Rotospore, Reedflute)

Visually, this could be a beam of light shining straight up from the node, or a glowing outline you can see through other objects, or even an audio indicator that changes/gets louder the closer you get, depending on the type of node.

I’d say it could last a fair while, and if you wanted to get crazy, the aged version of it (2 weeks) would give you a small bonus on harvesting an extra resource when you hit a node while it’s active.

I think this would largely utilize existing tech and functionality and further reinforce the positive feedback loop between harvesting and crafting.


I like this idea…

is there such thing as aged potions?

Yeah put your potions on the shelf on the bottom of your house and wait between a few hours and a few weeks depending on the potion type (you have to figure that out yourself, mostly bc I don’t know either :stuck_out_tongue: ). But don’t wait too long or it will get spoiled :slight_smile:

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Umm, is this real life?

Been in place since September:

“Added Potion Aging to the game. Now in the basement of your Player House you will find a Potion Aging rack. Place potions into the chest next to the rack and they will begin to age. Potions age in real-time, even if you are logged out of the game world. When a potion has aged long enough, it will turn into something new. If you leave a potion on too long, it will become an Overaged Potion, and is the same as a Ruined Potion.”

Don’t you ever check your basement!?

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I went in there twice. once at the start and it was completely useless space to me. then I found i can store shards in that chest down there. so i never visited again since i didn’t quest enough to get artificing yet

The potion aging rack is downstairs and around the corner in a little nook. There is a chest at the foot of the rack that you put potions in and you can see them appear on it above it, it’s pretty cool.

do u know any aging times?

Maaaaaaaaybe. Though we’ve been asked to not give detailed spoilers like that out.


Boooooooo, shame on you Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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