Suggestion: Payment Model

First of all: WOW! This game is shaping up quite nice and we have
an awesome developer behind. Can’t wait for the Stress-Test - HYPED!!

Steam would be my favourite, since it allows to pay via Paysafe.
But what is far more important… How will we be able to support the game overtime?
I dont mind a subscription based system, if the game and server is good.
I mind f2p models, since they end up with ridiculous prices for a few skins.
What are your suggestions and how would they affect long time development positively?

Kind regards.


I think it’s an important question, but it’s one I honestly haven’t had a chance to fully decide on yet.

Honestly, I think the answer to that question for this game is going to be different than most MMOs. This isn’t a game being made by a major company, and it’s a game that will likely have a smaller population. I’m hoping to get 10,000 Monthly Active Players playing by the end of the first year – terribly small by most MMO standards, but that would be a sizable portion of the entire VR install base.

With a player base of that size, I’m not sure a microtransaction model would work. I’m against Pay to Win obviously, but I mean even in terms of just selling skins or anything like that, small one-off purchases, I just don’t think it would work. But I could be wrong!

On the other hand, I don’t really want to go the straight “you must pay $10/mo. to play this game!” route, because quite frankly this is something I’ve always wanted to do and I want as many people in the game as possible. Plus I think there might be a lot of people who are getting into VR and maybe haven’t really done the MMO thing before.

So probably it will be some sort of freemium model, where the game is totally free to play but then there will be an optional subscription with some perks for “power users” who want to support the game’s ongoing development. The subscription would definitely be something you want if you’re really into the game – like subscription users get access to the “new zone” right away, or have access to a special members-only feedback forum – but it wouldn’t be anything that’s just “insert cash, get better gear.”

If you have any thoughts I’m open to them, but like I said, that’s really step 1,678, and we’re on step 34.

The only other thing worth noting is that I have plenty of resources to work on this game until it’s ready for launch, so there is no need to rush into this. I’d rather get people excited, get people playing, and then my experience has been when there is a community that is really enjoying something, there’s a way that they can help support it that works for everyone.


As a (relatively) low income college student, anything that allows free players in some capacity is something I would like.

As far as optional “power user” perks, you could do stuff like “30% bonus exp” or “double inventory room”, “cross-character inventory”, “free cosmetic item on sub-renewal”, “alternate characters get double exp (if below main-character level)”… There are lots of things you could do, that I’m certain would attract a good number of people, without turning away the portion of the vive install base that would try it for free but not be interested in subscribing immediately. The sub-only feedback forum is an interesting idea, but I personally feel like you wouldn’t ignore a good idea just because it came from the “free” forums, so I’m not sure I personally would see value in it.

So I guess what I’m saying is, the freemium/“power user” model is probably the one that gets my vote! And if you need more ideas for subscriber benefits just ask, I’m sure the community could give you quite a few.

EDIT: I should mention that it is hard to say what a good power-user benefit would be at this time, because a lot of the features and mechanics of your game are not set in stone. How does progression work? Do we even have an inventory? Do we get multiple character slots? I’m not saying these are things you need to define right here and now, but an idea like “30% bonus exp” doesn’t mean much if the progression is 100% gear based, like in monster hunter games for instance.


Indeed! One of the many reasons why it’s a bit premature to have this discussion. A lot of the actual game mechanics are still being decided upon.


Well… I don’t know where to start. There is so much to say about all models.
First of all i would like to appreciate that you acknowledge how devastating a Pay-To-Win game can be, not only to the game, but also to this platform which already has a low adoption rate.
Personally I have never been a fan of “skins” or other cosmetic items. I know there are a lot of people that would invest money to get some of these items, but I am not sure that should be the only source of income of a game.

What I think is a great way to get money from your community is just putting a option to donate money directly. As you said: There’s a way that they can help support it that works for everyone.

(Also since this is still pre-alpha a in-game title for early adopters/donators would be awesome!)

Thank you for letting us be part in the brainstorming around this game.



100% Monthly Subscription. If you stay even close to your dates and the game is playable you will be breaking ground.

With a solid income you can focus and plan … I would charge. Even if you only had 5k active players, you would make enough at $15 - $20 a month to keep the lights on and develop more.

I would invest that much just to FORCE other companies to see potential in VRMMO


I would VERY much rather the game be Free To Play and have purchasable cosmetics. If I play the game and enjoy it enough. I would gladly pay upwards of $10 for cosmetics. Also I have heard talk of player guilds. Possibly to limit an explosion of guilds charge like $5 OR (A ton of currency) so that way if I want a guild I can pay or grind a lot for the currency.

Cosmetics could include Visuals for your armor, weapons, and mounts. (You wouldn’t actually get anything new, it would just place new textures on your already owned armor, weapons, and mounts.)

Another idea would be different visuals for your skills.

Also I would suggest having a payed currency for cosmetics. Charging money for every single cosmetic would be kind of extreme.

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Maybe you can make a piggy bank to get some improvements in the game (just some), for example if players need a bank, the developer can create it with voluntary donations of players, if there are no donations it is understood that the bank does not interest. Bank, guilds, monsters, cities … is it a crazy idea? Anyway, I think a monthly minifee looks good.

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I’m a fan of the idea of having the latest content available to subscription players and that content later becomes accessible to free players as more new content is rolled out.

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I’d rather pay a monthly sub fee. Without a doubt I have always had a better experience playing games with a sub than free ones.

I don’t care for cosmetics, I don’t think I would spend any money there. I would buy inventory space but other than that I cant see myself spending. I think even a small sub fee would generate more funding to further develop the game and that’s what we all want. Sprinkle in free weekends here and there and I bet the player base would build up quickly.

Edit: I just saw in the your comment on buy to play, with no sub. With the size of the VR base it is probably the best plan.


Some payment models I have encountered over the years playing MMORPGs.

  • EQ style: Pay for game + monthly subscription fee + Pay for Expansions
  • EQ2: Started the same as EQ and later added a freemium model with limited content.
  • LOTRO: Same as EQ then later added a freemium model with access to the whole world but limited quest packs (first few zones) and you needed to purchase quest packs for additional zones + Had a VIP monthly subscription option that granted access to everything.
  • Guild Wars: Buy game and play for free + Buy expansions separately.

Personally I liked the LOTRO model the best. The freedom to either pay a subscription and get access to everything for month while you try to hammer out the content to get the best bang for you buck or to take your time with the freemium mode and just buy quest packs when you need to, but to never be in a rush. They also had the able to play completely free, if you were super poor but had lots of time on your hands to grind mobs. You could also earn LP (LOTRO POINTS) by doing deeds or tasks (very time consuming) and save up enough points to buy quest packs or even entire expansions in the in-game store without having to spend real cash, as long as you had the time and patience to grind it out.

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The pay per month system is uncomfortable, your like trying to be the most productive because the clock is turning and your time is money.
When you play a game, even more specially in VR, you come to avoid all this things and take your time to enjoy.

And whe all know how the micro-transactions go, it start whit good intentions, some pretty skins then minors bonuses are added on those skins then normal skins becaume ugly, then …, then pay to win.

I of those who want to be able to try the game like for 7 days whit a limitation in level, area, exchange … find out that i like it, buy the thing even at 60$, enjoy it, then when it’s time, buy the paying expansions 20$ each, and also be able to donate.

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Im good for up to $20 a month for a good VR MMO. Please dont do microtransactions and buying of “skins” you will never get a penny from me. I could care less if I only have the default skin, and ugly armor, and no funny pets wandering about me. If the stuff doesnt affect gameplay any I will never buy it, if it does I wouldn’t play a pay to win game.

Subscriptions are the way to go


Would you be opposed to buying skins and just ignoring them?

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No, I see no need to dress up my online doll. Im not buying any cosmetic items, Im fine with default ugly. If the purchased items give you additional powers, then I would have to pay to be able to win, so I would just pass completely on the game. Im not going to buy something and not use it, seems pointless.

Maby Im in the minority on this, and I will get to freeload off everyone else, but I dont mind paying for things I use.

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I agree with 20$ / month, (Only when there will be enough content of course :slight_smile: )

I’m good with a cosmetic shop, but only for cosmetic, without any effect on the gameplay.

(@ImBanana, just look at League Of Legend, Dota, … they didn’t turn into Pay to Win and they make lot of money with their shop :wink:)

edit : deleted one part, bad idea

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Well, in the post “FAQ for the future” Riley confirmed that it would be buy to play, and no subscription. Although i think that there probably will be cosmetic items that you can buy, and things like that.

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Buy to play is the most accessible. (outside of free ofc) Lots of people are scared of subscriptions. It has worked wonders for new mmos like GW2.

BTP + In game purchases would give you a good cash flow and help grow the game.

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More specifically buy to play with the prospect of paid expansions. It’s good to know they’ll be able to continue funding servers beyond base game sales.

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I would prefer the subscription model, I’d easily pay $20 month for a good VR MMO.