Requesting (in towns) a huge floating yellow sign that can be turned on by the player wich reads ”lfg-(class)”

I wanna party with players in my own level without screaming lfg in my apartment or hazzle everyone i see (who mostly seems to be lvl.20)

Tried the party thing in menu, but have a feeling new ppl dont know it, even went so far to go around healing warriors and asking if they wanted to party… not even a response.


Another LFG option is the LFG section in the unofficial discord. It’s a pain to access while playing Orbus though…


Could have been viable if desktop was reachable, but seems Orbus does not allow that on the vive sadly, but cant really be a option either once they realese the game finished…
1000’s saying lfg in a room… :sweat_smile::joy::sob:

(Yes, ignoring option of remong headset to click) :+1:


On my vive, if I press the system menu button, one of the four options just above the clock at the bottom of the screen is the desktop (the others are Steam, Vive, and settings). I can view and interact with my desktop that way. It also allows keyboard input. I’ve used that to interact with discord before, it’s just cumbersome.


Yeah i would like some sort of feature where i could post that im X class and X level, and am available to run whatever, if anyone else is making a group.

Sometimes im up for whatever, but i dont want to keep having to check lfg.


In oculus with the new dash you can open your desktop and pin it while still being completely in game. Its a pretty nice setup.


Check out OVRdrop! You can mirror your screen to your headset. I have mine set to where I can look up like I’m checking my lv and see my desktop. I keep Pandora or audible and discord open and it makes it easy to find a group


Will check that out :+1:
Still hoping for a implemented visible lfg tool :smile:


That would def be nice!


Ovr left hand is awsome, thanks for tip


Actully your in my thread :smile:


soon Krister… Soon…


Sorry to hijack but can anyone send me a tutorial link to get OVRdrop to mirror to left hand. When I try it, it crashes immediately upon launch.


Top righr drop down menu (pink) gices what you want, dunno know about mirror box, have not tried it.


Before anything, restart your computer after installing OVRDrop. Until you do this, it will not work right.

  1. Launch Orbus
  2. Steam menu --> navigate to OVRDrop while keeping Orbus open --> Launch OVRDrop
  3. Top right hand corner: Profiles dropdown menu --> Left hand - back --> load button
  4. Flip left controller over. Hover right controller near left side of window, a magnifying glass will appear. Click it and choose the window you want to mirror.


Bumping my own thing here requesting a wooden ”LFG” sign I can equip instead of the pickaxe, and walk around with (if a bright yellow neon floating arrow is too much)


the best option to finding groups is to join a end game fellowship, just look in the unofficial discord or in the forums

it does sorta suck because all the good players are separating off to their own corners causing a lot of separation between players


D*mn we got a helpfull community, honestly, lots of advices and tips (that I apreciate), BUT, I’m writing a suggestion/request of something missing/lacking for the devs in the ”suggestion” part of the forums, so in this case I belive it allso would benefit this topic that all advices came after support or criticism of the suggestion :smiley::+1:


We definitely do need to do something in-game to help lower-level (especially it seems like 14-20) players find groups. A Fellowship is always a good idea, but it would be nice to be able to hop in a group quickly to do a quick dungeon or something. I think a symbol above the head could help, but that might not be enough.


Can only speak for myself, but if i saw a ”lfg, healer, Highstepp”, I would happily approach and invite to group.