Summer event reward?

Think you mixed up the reward for the summer event with a fishing competition. I was more hoping for a sunhat and sunglasses…

well, technically isnt the summer festival a fishing themed festival…

i mean every quest had something to do with fish or fishing

I personally like to hit up the beach and chill rather than fish. But I may also be the minority. I’ve played since the early days and have avoided fishing. Just not my cup of tea. In RL and in game. Now hunting, lets do it! (in RL and in game)

understandable, however the theme of this festival is fish.

I actually like that this festival is a little different then the others, as you arent hunting down monsters. so im pretty ok with it, since its more unique than the past festivals have been

Yea the fishing theme was announced before, I wouldn’t wear sunglasses or sunhat so i’m fine with a cape and new rod :wink: - however, it doesn’t have much to do with a competition since you don’t have to actually fish. Buying those few fish from the market would be sufficient and it is soooo few that there won’t be a high demand for this either, most who played for a while should already have these fish stocked.

So overall it’s a bit disappointing to be done with this event in 10mins or so. There’s only one event every few months and the former ones at least took, like, couple hours, in one case (Winter) I was busy for days to get all the critters; yea there’s defend-the-realm goin on, still, but that is pretty different.

Though I’m personally glad we can get around actual fishing (“catch so-and-so many”, and it only registers if you catch them yourself), I wished quests required several batches at least, with all types of fish.

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