Summer Fest 2023/ 5 Year Finale

Hey everyone here is the blog post talking about the upcoming Summer Fest, launching May 23rd at 11 AM CST!

Be sure to get those Spring Festival quests completed to claim your rewards. Also if you haven’t started the Anniversary questline you have about a week to catch up before players start getting their new Rupert Pets!


Yaaaay! I’ve been so antsy for the new Rupert. What a lovely birthday present haha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you, you guys are awesome.


That’s great news! Can’t wait to play the last part of the anniversary questline and get Rupert :wolf:

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Forgot to ask in my last comment, but are you guys planning on doing another dev event for this patch release? Or would that be sometime later? I know y’all were saying something about doing more of them this year for the 5th Anniversary.

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I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound entitled by any means. But why is this all there is?

Seriously, there has been nothing but silence on the part of development for the past year, even since as early as the ladder half of last year. And still no one is sure where this game is headed. It’s devastating to see the game I love so much become what it is today.

I’m not asking for miracle work. I’m not asking for 80 hour work weeks to pump out content and new patches.

I’m asking for nothing more than simple communication. Some transparency please. I don’t care how slow it is to ship things out, or how long it will even take. I am a devout player of this game and will be till the servers simply aren’t around. So please understand how it is frustrating to players of this game when most of what anyone knows is going on is just he said she said shit that has absolutely no meaning.

I hate to make this post a lot, I know all it is going to do is detract from the original post and this is all going to divulge into just taking shits on the game and the development team. And that is not my goal.

All I want is to be heard.


I know we don’t have a right to know, but I’m curious what the dev team looks like right now. Is it just Robert and Jake now? Are they working on this full time or has funding dried up? Is there a marketing budget? I’ve had people who are in the vr community that have never heard of Orbus before.

I’m with you, love the game till the servers die… but I do worry about the state of the game.



Last I heard these are the only guys in the team currently :frowning:

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That’s unfortunate to hear, but this goes back to my point. We only know these things cause of hearsay!

It would be unfortunate to learn coming from a dev as much as it does a player. But I think giving that transparency is what so many people are after. I just want to know what is going on. I don’t want to guess at it. I don’t want to infer it. I just want the truth and nothing but it.

Information should not be this scarce.


Welp. I’m sorry I said anything lol


I mean… we did ask them to communicate about the state of the dev team and game. I guess they did what we asked. :cry:


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