Summon Orb Talent


An interesting concept. I Like the distance, but summoning should be instant. Waiting for orbs to get to me from that distance is a no go… In PVP i’d be dead, in PVE the loss in DPS is a no go. Make them summon to your hand instantly so they can be thrown and you have a winner. Nice try though.


How slow is it? (Haven’t been on yet)


From max distance, which is quite far from totem… 3 seconds id say, give or take 50 milliseconds


Wow. That’s no good. I’d at least expect it to be like 1s tops.


After a little more playing with this, PVP isn’t off the table. While it does take some time to get the globes to you at max distance, about 3 seconds, they are like homing missiles. drop totems, runs around like chicken with head cut off while making a fist and orbs will get to your fist to throw as long as you stay within summoning distance.

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A small correction… as long as you start summoning the ball your within max distance you can run as far away from totem as you like and ball will find your fist… interesting… Evil grins


I’m really up for any feedback on speed or what not. As this was being developed, some of us thought it would be cool for this talent to become a core mechanic for shaman, then have some other talents thought up that work with it. But that was way out of scope for this update, so for now it is restricted to the talent.

The talent is supposed to be an easier way to keep your dps up in rough situations where you can’t stand still at your totems. But looking for feedback if that convenience isn’t enough to maybe make the summoning a bit more potent.

I’ve got a fix coming out in the near future to fix some issues that were being caused from other players perspectives when watching a shaman spams summon orbs and hitting a target immediately. That ‘Strikes Twice’ talent messed everything up, haha.

But also, orbs are spawning consistently and not getting stuck in hands?

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so far so good on the not sticking part. A few of us conversing, playing with it a bit… Everything looks really good except the time it takes to get orb from totem to fist. we were thinking it should get to your fist in 1 second regardless of range. so if i’m 10 meter 20 meters or 30 meters it only takes 1 second to travel to hands. using meters as an example, as i don’t know what your using to measure distance from totems.


I gave the speed a bit of an exponential curve to it. So at short distances, the speed about the same. But when you are further away, the speed drastically picks up as it travels. So it roughly takes 1 second max, no matter the distance. That should get released tomorrow morning with the bug fix patch.

EDIT: There is actually an issue with this. I thought it would be a nice quick thing to put in for tomorrow, but never mind on that. So this speed change will NOT be coming for now. That’s what I get for replying too soon. Go on, take those hearts back. I don’t deserve them.


Now fighting a shamn in pvp who can dodge good is like fighting an air Force bomber with a bow
Would be my assumption
Don’t get mad at me because I don’t play enough anymore to have fought a shaman yet, but I know they hit really hard


No worries @kyle_l . I can appreciate the work your putting into this trying to make it work for the community. Keep it up, you’ll find the solution soon enough. Let us know if you need any tests done to confirm / deny your solution.


I know I’m pretty late to this train, but have you thought about allowing the orb to strike an enemy/opponent during it’s travel? So for example I set down my totems port behind an opponent and summon. Assuming I’ve lined myself up correctly, they should be in line with the travel path of the orb. This could potentially introduce a new play mechanic/style for the class, but in that case, I personally would want the speed to remain a consistent value over having any kind of acceleration.

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It can already do this. Holding down the grip then while it’s travelling you can release it and it will hit enemies on its path. Good on paper. Meh in use.