Super detailed/advanced statistics & descriptions



Could it be possible to add an option which allows us to see detailed descriptions on everything please ? :slight_smile:

I know that some people love to retro-engineer everything.
I also know that some other people doesn’t care of stats/details at all.
But I’m in the third category :stuck_out_tongue:

In this last category, we love to know exactly how much hitpoints a heal potions will restore.
Or how much +dmg (or % of dmg) 1 strength point will add.
Or basically, everything that give us the ability to optimize each choice made in the game without having to test each details for 10,000 hours.

For example, when we see the level 30 talents on Ranger which are : “gives a damage boost” (left one) Versus “Quickly gives a damage boost” (right one), we can’t make a choice. What does this “quickly” even mean ? How much % exactly this boost will add ?
I suppose that the one needing to be at 30m adds more dmg but how to be sure? We have absolutely no fun trying to retro-engineer and test this for hundred of hours :wink:
Only the first category of players will have fun trying to test this (which is why it should be an option to enable) but we can’t rely on them only, the player base is too tiny.

Anyways, hoping to see this one day and thanks to the ones who read till the end ! (if there’s any :smile:)


Agreed. I was able to test some mechanics briefly as a scoundrel. Like how fire card boosts damage by 30%, fire+fire combo is a 40% boost, the flint card that lowers their defense gives an effective ~5.2% damage boost, and each rank of showing off gives roughly 8% to 10% damage boost per rank.
And then I leveled up and lost my exact 1,000 damage I was using for testing. Lol.

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The text needs to be coupled to the code specifying the stats though. because keeping the stats and description in sync seems to be a pain ATM. There are for example multiple talents of classes now with inaccurate numbers because of updates of those talents.


It would be sad to lose that discovery aspect of min maxing though. If the maths are very clearly in our face (assuming they kept all text up to date which we know they wouldn’t) then it would make the end game feel just a little flatter and I am not a fan of that.

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Yeah, that’s why it should be kept as an option to let people who prefer to retro-engineer do their thing :wink:

But there are a lot of games where the maths are very clear and it has never been a source of complaints (diablo’s, wow, eq, … Most RPGs actually). Players usually even add mods to show even more precise stats & co.


A simple way for them to keep all text up to date without it being annoying would be to set the text using a variable, and setting whatever numbers they change as said variable. :eyes:


Blizzard likes to lay their stuff in the open, as opposed to some companies like Capcom where, well, good luck figuring out how Monster Hunter weapons attack stat works without data mining.
Although Blizzard also goes as far as to tell you beforehand each boss’ exact HP, every attack, how much damage they do, the order they’re going to do them in, and even which ones are priority when a healer gets hit by it, which attacks are tank busters, etc. The latter part I don’t agree with, as then it’s just a matter of “do x y z in that order to win” and that is just…meh, imo. Orbus devs might not want that much transparency, which is fine because it’s their choice, but I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’re just busy fixing bugs, which I’m personally fine with outdated text over inability to play. Though I am in favor of stats and damage values shown.


every attack, how much damage they do, the order they’re going to do them in, and even which ones are priority when a healer gets hit by it, which attacks are tank busters, etc.

That’s new, I never saw this kind of revelation from Blizz beforehand (well, it’s been a long time I stopped those games :stuck_out_tongue: But when I was playing, we only knew how much HP the boss had) :slight_smile:

Anyways, this suggestion is not that extremist. The aim is not to develop a bot. It’s more about being able to do wise choices. :slight_smile:

Also, Riley and the team will save time in the long run since they won’t be asked clarifying questions anymore.
Recent example : if a tooltip said “1 point of luck = +0.003% of chances of whatever”, it would have been clear from the start and the team would have taken time doing high priority things instead of reading/answering questions about luck on the forum :sunny:


I started when Mists of Panderia came out, and stopped a year later. Coming from a game that was 100% player research and data mining before that, it was surprising, so it stuck in my mind.

And again, I agree with values shown.
I do remember they explained luck though, it being multiplicative meaning a +50% drop rate from 500 luck meant the drop’s chance was modified by 50%. So an item with a 10% drop chance would go up to 15% with the 50% bonus.

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not even a fan of that because it just ends up posted all over the place and then there is a thread with the meta play style that everyone follows and suddenly everyone plays the game in the same way and the game becomes ‘flat’. That is what I originally meant by flat.


Nah, optimizers and end game farmers will play that way, but there are tons of players that don’t play that way. Plus there’ll always be a ‘meta’ of sorts, even if the metrics aren’t clearly defined, just as there is now. The meta won’t take into account player skill, as it’s very important to note that this is a skill heavy game, so a good scoundrel will still out dps a bad ranger, a good ranger will outdamage a bad runemage, etc.

But even then, you can look at any MMO and see that not only is there an established meta regardless, but also people that are constantly trying to redefine and push the limits of the meta. There have even been controversial, game changing, meta shifts because of players like these managing to pull these things off and end up in higher level tournaments, sometimes even world championship matches. The numbers are just there to help you learn your class and what’s the most effective for each situation, just a more detailed version of what we already have in the journal.