Surprise Testing: PvP Arena

Hey everyone,

As a little bit of a treat for you all today, we’re unlocking an additional thing that you can test out today. It’s the first version of the “Grand Tournament” PvP Arena combat that we previously mentioned. There’s a new Wiki page with all the details:

This is a “battle royale” style game where you take on other players and the environment in a free-for-all style. It’s basically a simple version of the Hunger Games in VR. You always start off as Level 1 and then you can gain XP and gear by killing the monsters in the game, or choose to get right into the fighting with the other players.

Currently we have it set up so that it is a 4-player free for all, but later today when there are more people online we’ll increase that to 8 hopefully.

If you’re interested in some Organized PvP play, join the queue and check it out! We’ll be pushing out a patch here in about 15 minutes and once you get that new patch you can join the queue and play the game.

Feel free to leave us feedback to this specific feature here. Enjoy!

Note that while we welcome feedback on the PvP gameplay overall, we have not balanced the classes against each other for 1v1 PvP so there may be some classes that are overpowered. At this point since you can choose to play any class in the arena we’re just going with it as-is.


i am in game and both me and a friend cant find the magnifying glass icon to que into the arena

You have to wait until the new patch comes out…should be about 10 more minutes. I’ll post here when it’s live.

The patch should now be live to download. If you’re currently in-game, just exit out and open the launcher to get it.

I posted a quick blog post with some fun stats on the Alpha as well as some additional thoughts on the PvP Arena game mode:

A few things. It is pretty fun. I did appear on the trees one time I was imported into the arena.

  • I hate that it automatically picks ranger for you, sometimes as I was changing to a mage I was already getting attacked by another ranger. Should have a 15 second count down to give people a chance to change their classes.
  • I would say mages are probably the worst class to PvP with, so easy for everyone to move out of the way of the spells. The spells need to move faster or have a aoe effect.
  • Even with people moving around arcane ray couldn’t hit people either
  • Rangers and Muskeeteers are fun in the arena, they can shoot fast and a Muskeeteer can heal
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Same issue happend as last night. Patch downloading super slow. Any place i can do a DL? Sent you a pm :slight_smile:

Me and a few others found today that if you join as a party, upon entering the Arena the party members could not damage each other, but could damage anyone that was not in the Party.

Awesome good bug find thanks for posting ill add it to out lists.

Had a blast at the arena! Really glad you guys added it. Eventually some scoreboards would be nice!

The pvp arena was a ton of fun for me. I really really liked the idea and implementation. I did notice that the teleport lines only showed from pretty far away, just noting it in case it wasn’t intentional. Super cool guys, thanks for the surprise!

Hopefully one day down the line maybe you will get points for winning then save up a ton for some open world pvp gear or something.

Glad you all had fun! I don’t know that we’ll have it available all the time for every test (and I’ll cover this more in the blog post Monday), but I think it was a really, really fun experiment, and I even hopped into a few games myself and had a good time.

I had problems finding people sometimes. Had a blast playing it. Hurry and kill, or run and level? both seemed to have their advantages


Yeah I tried to join yesterday but it never found enough people even after an hour of waiting :frowning: maybe next time I guess.

When I was in the arena, with 2 other party members, I had an idea, maybe at some point a Party vs Party arena could be made? It would be interesting to see what sort of mayhem could happen when two full parties go head to head. I found the Hunger Games feel of the arena to be very cool, and am looking forward to seeing what it turns into in the future.

On another note, having a party of 3 vs one other player doesn’t mean that you will win. We defeated Zardulu on the first try easily, but we all ended up together again, and Zardulu was ready… Musketeer poison does a lot of damage!

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every time I was in the arena, all the players went straight for battle. I never got to lvl 2 haha.