T12 Musky weapon DPS seems wrong


Just got a T12 gun, and the damage is only 2 more per auto. This doesnt seem right at all.

My T10 which has 1258 attack, and 98 strength, does 679 damage per non crit basic attack.

My T12 which has 1318 attack, and 104 strength, does 681 damage per non crit basic attack.

Is this the intended increase in damage @Riley_D ?


There might be the same issue that was when Tradu Mines were released: you couldn’t use a lv20.25 weapon at level 20 so that cap was increased. Maybe the cap is now lv21 and Riley forgot to increase it at 21.2?

That extra 2 damage is definitely due to increased strenght.


Oh man, this is a good catch. We should do testing with all of the T12 weapons.


Wow… im almost sure that my damage with my musky is pretty close to that and i only have a t5 legendary. i will be testing this when i get home.


Now you mention it, I think the rangers damage is also seeing the same issue, I can test it later when I’m home from work to be sure though


…I would totally never forget to do something like that.

On a totally and completely unrelated note, check now, I think I fixed a “bug”. It should be fixed in any instances (e.g. dungeons, raids) and I will do a server restart to roll it out everyone here in a bit.


sounds correct to me as muskys dont realy do dps


Fixed thanks. Musky DPS is real!


Ranger damage also looks fixed, thanks!


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