Tank shortcuts for combos


So I just recently got a raid sword and realized how amazingly awesome warrior is, just I’m wondering is tank has some “shortcuts”. I know mage ah outstanding number of them and I’m wondering if there are any “shortcuts” for warrior combos to make them easier and faster.


Robot arm
Seriously though they could not be more simple


Can you explain robot arm a little more?

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There are no shortcuts. You just have to do the combos and optimize your movements over time.


The only reason I’m asking is I’ve heard whispers of it


There are no shortcuts. The best that I have to offer is information. You don’t get healed more for harder/longer swings, only more damage (which is negligible in the first place), so keep your swings as small as you can. Always keep your shield up and just provoke through the shield. There are only sometimes where you have to watch the health of your shield to make sure that it doesn’t break, but I won’t get into all of those. You can only get about 5 hits per second, so try to master those small swings and get as close to 5 swings at all times.

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The only ‘shortcut’ I learned back then are diagonal lines instead of where you tend to do straight vertical ones (these are in the book), to reach the next swing faster, just try on a dummy what is all possible so it still procs, that is all and yea ofc just like mages keep it small.


So keep them smaller instead of these huge things


I’ve had someone demonstrate to me. It looks more like fencing, and it made me stop playing warrior cause it’s boring, dumb, and broken looking. You diagonally up left, diagonally down right, up. With the shield up. Should be proccing at least 1 provoke a second and should be able to find a way to have your shield up while doing it.


The only “shortcut” I am aware of is swinging your arm in a circle for provoke.


That’s… rather confusing. Circle how?


What I’m talking about is the last time I drew a circles as a warrior it didn’t work.


Do small wrist flicks instead of using your entire arm. Provoke through shield. Thank Rupert when he appears, you Rupert hating heathen.


Warrior combos are the easiest thing ever honestly. There’s no point in any “shortcuts” or anything. I’ve been doing my combos the same way since I started playing the game, just more refined. The triangle that was mentioned here is stupid and there’s no reason to be that precise about it. I prefer fluid motions, sort of making a giant ribbon with my hand while I provoke.


1.How do I provoke through the shield? 2. I never said I didn’t like Rupert. I don’t like the name.


It’s very easy to provoke through Sheila, just hold you shield in front of you and provoke at the same time
Although many raid bosses on hard mode require you to have a sort of shield rotation. So you can’t always take every hit with you shield

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And here I thought hitting the shield broke the combo, because I had assumed the combos were tied to individual enemies to proc the effect on them.
So I learned something new, thank you. I’ll definitely take another look at warrior now.


the shield only stops damage, not healing or the combo itself. the combos are also tied to the player, as in you can do the first 2 swings of a provoke on 1 enemy and finish it with the last hit on another enemy.

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