Teleport Names and LIST

Im sure im not the only one that has a problem telling which teleport im at. It would be nice to have the name of the teleport spot maybe on the top of the Teleporter above the List of teleports where you can go this way you can tell were you are at… Just a suggestion…

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I can get behind that for sure. On the other hand, most teleports are named after some key geography, like Trader’s Road, Rope Bridge, Crystal Cave, Old Growth, etc.

To help with the confusion in the meantime, here’s a link to the Community Resources post, inside of which are two maps (one static and one interactive, so you can use whichever matches your play style): Community Resources

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thank you !!!

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i have a problem with that link for the interactive map… it keeps telling me to finish creating account… i keep trying to log in with my Discord account… any tips on that??? im stuck… unless Alphabit dont want me to use the map lol

I think you’ll have to ask @J11 for help on that one. I don’t touch it at all. Sorry!

yeah log in with your discord account…

Definitly a good idea to have names of pillars where you approach them. I ported just today to “Free Fall” only to figure that’s where I’m at :smiley: Sure with time you remember some, but possibly not all of them and it would be very nice to have some more orientation.

i been trying i just posted the screen shots on Alphabets discord … can you please check it and let me know what im doing wrong?

We are currently working on improvements to the map so you can more easily tell where you are at in the world as well as where other things are at. So hopefully that will help you out!


Very cryptic. Are you saying I will not need to continue support for the interactive map i built?

I’m sure we will both need to continue our maps, if only for the other things on there. There’s no way they’ll put fishing locations, all the teleports, critter capture spots, etc

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