Teleported and bugged


I was at the desert fighting a mob when I died , once I died I couldnt respawn and my game froze , It then after a while said a message that I didnt read but I think it was the connection lost message , then once I re log back in I was teleported on top of a barrel at wenderwood spawn , and I cant see no npcs nor players I can some how see dragons (which are not on the ground are in the air or mid air , cannot interact with them) and I keep getting the internet message so I log out , Im right now waiting a while to then re log back in then try to see if it works.


Things to try: use go to graveyard in the settings, that can sometimes fix this stuff, home teleporting can sometimes help too.

If that doesn’t help then a Dev may need to fix it for you, you’ll need to post your character’s name for them to take a look at what’s going on, the names are case sensitive so make sure you get the capitalisation correct


Thanks the graveyard worked and I got sent back to the desert