Terrible disappointment from the orbus dev team

Dear Orbus vr devs, I have played this game for many years now. recently I have returned to the game to find one of my favorite features has been removed. A friendly face is known as the Fishy Individual was removed out of anger because the dev team was disappointed that the area of highsteppe where he was found was being called “crack ally.” The only reason that I have returned to this game over the years was that Fishy Individuals’ friendly face greeting me every time I log back on. I for one am outraged, like many other players, I feel like the Orbus devs are removing crucial parts of the game that make it enjoyable. I have seen a drop in returning players ever since you removed him. I’m hoping that you will reconsider your choice to remove Fishy Individual and add him back to the game. - Deathray


Maybe he’ll be making an appearance again soon who knows…he’s quite shady. Also I thought it was called Ithicac Alley :thinking:


lol ill keep praying for that day

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