"That which should not be"

So, I had a ton of fun compiling the list of possible Ruined potion effects (see: New Dev Blog: Alchemy Preview ). I personally love RNG aspects in games, especially when they aren’t tied to critical game systems (I’m looking at you, WoW Titanforging gear), so stuff like the Ruined Potion is right up my alley. But it reminded me of my favorite powerful random Magical Item.

THAT magical item. So I made an Orbus item in the spirit if that.

This was made purely for fun, I don’t expect this to exist at all, as much as I wish it would. And if by some bizarre reason it does exist, I would absolutely use it, because I’m an idiot. I volunteer as tribute.

The Orb of Twisting Fates

“Legend says the artifact was one of the first created by B’aal, infused with chaotic intent. Once M’aat discovered it, she could not destroy it; only balance it with her light. The orb now swirls with both Order and Chaos, each forever trying to gain dominion over the artifact. There’s no telling what would happen if a mortal attempted to use such an artifact, if it even exists.” - Some guy in the Explorer’s Guild

The Orb of Twisting Fates swirls with boons and curses, dare you tempt fate? This divine artifact is exceedingly rare, if it even exists. The Explorer’s guild regards it as only mere legend, one used to both entice new Explorers of boundless treasure and to warn them of the dangers of their finds, sometimes there is no telling what you’ll dig up. This Artifact has an exceedingly small chance to drop, only reappearing once every few months to a single player. Someone in the Explores guild may offer small hints of when the orb might be found, though it could happen at any time, it just has a higher chance as time goes on.
“The land is calm” -> “The land is ominously quiet.” -> “The land is in turmoil, it is unearthing, that which should not be.”

Once activated, the orb shines brightly in one of two colors signifying Order or Chaos before shattering, disappearing back into the world, to be hidden as M’aat intended. One random magical effect is triggered below if the user chooses to activate it, rather than attempt to sell it off to someone stupid enough to try. If the Orb is not used within a week, it becomes restless and disappears back into the world, with a very high chance of quickly being found by another person.

Activating the Orb

First time use:
A mystical illusion manifests in the player’s inventory: An illusionary Orb of Twisting Fate “pet” that cycles between the two colors. Show everyone how dumb you are by tempting fate.

Order (50%)

  • You feel M’aat bless you. For the next month, movement speed, damage and health are increased by 10%.
  • A powerful Magical artifact manifests in the player’s inventory, one random Epic item. Possibly BoE.
  • Fate has touched you, granting you two orbs that instantly kill whatever they touch. Consumed on use.
  • Something clanks inside of your bag; you find one infinite use Greater Healing potion.
  • A mystical light envelops your armor. For the next month, your gear cannot be damaged.
  • You feel as though a powerful being is watching over you. For the next two weeks, you cannot be damaged by other players in the open world (If you strike first, they can still attack you back).
  • A note appears in your inventory. You are granted one question or request to one of the creators of this world, but is not binding. Consider your wish carefully.
  • You feel yourself sink into the shadows. For the next month, monsters will not attack you unprovoked.
  • The Guild has taken notice of you. You are gifted a 6 month long merchant stall contract.
  • Visions of past artisans inspire you. For the next two weeks all crafting will be critical successes.
  • Magical scales briefly flash upon your skin. For the next 2 weeks, 75% of the damage you take will be reflected back at your attacker.
  • Your soul feels bolstered. For two weeks, restore 10% of your max health every 10 seconds.

Chaos (50%)

  • B’aals’ essence crushes your body, forcing your life to an end. Three pieces of your gear are instantly obliterated (completely gone), and you find yourself to be five levels weaker upon being restored.
  • Chaotic intent forces itself upon your mind. For the next week, you are constantly marked as a bandit
  • Your lungs constrict in agonizing pain. Your movement speed is permanently reduced by 15%*
  • You feel your strength leave your body. Maximum damage and health are permanently reduced by 15%*
  • Your mental acuity drops. All attacks have a 15% chance to miss.*
  • B’aal surrounds you with shadow as you hear laughter. All enchantments on your gear evaporate away. An Echo of the orb then reappears, triggering another effect. If this effect is triggered a second time, trigger two more effects.
  • Your stomach twists in pain. Potions have no effect on you for the next two weeks.
  • Nothing appears to happen. Half of the player’s coins disappear, including those stored away.
  • Nothing appears to happen. All of the players crafting reagents wither away.
  • A powerful Shade inhabits your shadow. For the next two weeks, it will randomly attack you, fighting until you or it is defeated.
  • Your fate intertwines with another. When they take damage, so do you, if they die, so do you. This curse is lifted upon touching the person. The person is random, and they do not know this has happened.*
  • You feel your soul burning. For the next week, suffer 30% of your max hp every 60 seconds.

*These curses can be exorcized by completing a difficult ritual in a place of power. (My idea is using a combination of possible special / various Alchemy potions and Artificing being done to prepare the ritual space at the end of one of the max level dungeons.)

Ultimately as it is, I’m mostly satisfied with it. I feel Chaos could be made a bit more severe, but I started running out of manageable but not quit-the-game worthy effects. My desired outcome of how I have discovery of the orb set up is to create an impromptu event when the Orb is found. With small hints being dropped to those interested, they could increase their efforts to find the orb as time went on, and once found, I’m sure most would be eager to draw a crowd. Is that for the spectacle of activating it, or to try and rid yourself of this cursed item to someone stupid enough to pay for it? That’s up to the player.

The Orb offers valuable boons, but also has an equal chance of horrific curses. Some could be devastating, as an end game PvE player, potions having no effect on you, and so is losing 5 levels and 3 pieces of gear. But is that chance at an endless greater healing potion worth the risk? What about a free epic item? Would you dare tempt fate?

Thanks for indulging me, and I hope my small snippet of made up lore isn’t too offensive!