The 2 things that prevent Shaman from being max dps on far range


So I am making this post to make sure the devs know exactly what is causing Shamans to want to stand as close as possible to a target. Note that on the forums previously only 1 thing was mentioned but there is a second reason:

  • For 1 the thing most ppl know is the ‘strikes twice’ talent is superious because it spawns a new lightning orb on crit. This can increase dps a lot with RNG. But if you are standing further away it takes longer for your lightning totem to respawn because it takes more time to hit the enemy. So your dps decreases.
  • The second major thing is that as soon as you have your totems back on your belt you want to place them again. This is for multiple reasons. For 1 if you stand very close to a target and just have thrown your orbs and then place the totems immediatly, the next set of orbs spawn back in a shorter amount of time. This of course increases dps. The second reason is the talent that lets you always crit on new placed totems. The problem starts to show when you are far away from a target. If you release the orbs and place the totems your flying orbs disappear before they hit the target. So now you have to wait for your orbs to hit the target in the far distance and then place your totems. This waiting time is a double loss in dps. Because you place your totems later and you waste the regen time that your not replaced totems where having. So ya that problem needs also be addressed that your still flying orbs disappear if you place the totems already.

I hope the devs can get time to fix these two problems. I know there are multiple very easy to think of solutions for these problems. So I will keep it open for you to choose how to fix and hopefully implement the fix in the next Shaman change.