The angle of the sword

The sword seems to come directly out of my hand, almost like an extension of my arm. It should be more like a 90 degree angle out of the hand to be more realistic. Maybe there is a reason for it but id prefer more realistic swing requiring some wrist action. Was wondering what others thought.

Using touch controllers, right? It has been like that for a LONG time. On the vive it feels natural but the rift has it at an odd angle they never corrected. I use a vive so I don’t know how drastic the angle is, but you’re not the first to mention it.

I play on vive and feel like the angle is wrong too.

I’m also on a vive and it was pretty noticeable to me.

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That’s odd. I’ve used a vive since the warrior was introduced and it always felt fine. I’ll have to log in and see if I noticed anything if I focus on it.

I play on Rift and I think the angle is a bit wrong, not natural for a sword but its playable, but warrior class has a lot of other problems.

Never forget the shield plant or sword throw…

I’m glad both are gone haha

I’m on Vive too… I noticed it when we started in the first test, but as I played more and more, I stopped noticing it. This last test, I was reminded of it and noticed that it’s never been fixed.

well crud. Now I’m going to login and it’s going to annoy me.

Using the touch I have to disagree, I think the sword feels very natural in hand.

I miss the shield plant, the motion felt so badass. I wish they would bring it back for a different ability. AOE stun, I don’t know but I miss it.

Yeah so I logged in and sure enough the sword is angled about 45 degrees forward. Honestly it doesn’t bother me much but it is noticeable

the problem with the sword mechanic is that like most VR games unfortunately thay use handshake grip a the stile for holding it which is ok in situations but it is a more unnatural feel when you are not use to it. holding it like you wood a one or two handed sword or as you would probably call a viking sword, where it sits in you hand and is held upwards is normally a beater feel but can be harder to get right in a vr fps.

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