The bell and the well

Could you PLEASEEEE let me crank the well in highstep. and can you let me ring the bell by the airship? I would love to alert others of it’s arrival. Very immersive and just some random crap to do for fun :slight_smile: i’m sure there are other things i’ll want to interact with :wink: is it difficult to implement? <3


One of the first things I did when I wandered down there, tried to pull the big cord hanging from the bell haha. You’d probably end up with a hundred people doing it though, so perhaps a really long cooldown.

oh and the lakewood in needs a restock so it will be back to its amount of fun in beta 3

restock of what? it’s always empty for me

random stuf like the bottles or book that were there before.

There should still be items to pick up inside the Lakewood Inn though not nearly as many, as Im still going through the zone and replacing more of the low poly props with more custom made props like you see in Highsteppe and around Guild City. There is still much to do on that front but some of the things you mentioned (like the bell in town and the well in a couple towns) that the artists designed to be interactive for the community (the well handle cranks and raises/lowers bucket) (bell has ringing animation) but we havent had a chance to get these type of things set up in game.

So I guess long story short I agree with having some key things in the environment be interactive and were working on getting things like this in.


He’ll yeah that’s what i’m talking about!

Will you ever consider adding deployable items in the game. ones that are strictly cosmetic. I would love to deploy a bunch of stuff around me when I decide to fish for a while. like an umbrella, maybe an adjustable seat so i can place one in real life and have it all set up nice. I can imagine endless things i’d want to just set up in front of me. like props and such.

I don’t know what the rate of time passing is in the game yet, but it’d be cool to have the bell ring at ‘midday’ and ‘midnight’ or something!


yep the midnight one would be usefull

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