The double standards of the game master

There’s a lot of double standards going on in Orbis you got multiple players running around using the N-word assaulting people with it call African-Americans, but Orvis does nothing except ban people on dumb offenses sees double standards need to stop so when I’m about to do is create a petition against Orvis to get the game removed from meta-platforms the people call races in his game, run around calling people that name all night long all day long, but they want to ban people on little offenses of using swear words

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Every report received is taken very seriously. Please keep in mind these reports take a long time to comb through with our best efforts. All of these reports are handled privately, as player safety will always be our top priority. We strive to maintain a community that is inclusive to all, with that in mind, please refer to the code of conduct here: Code of Conduct - OrbusVR Wiki. As a reminder you can report those breaking the COC through the nearby player list in game, or by sending an email to: [email protected] where we can follow up via email to gather more information if needed.

We have closed this topic as we are communicating with the OP via emails.