The First Shaman

Please … I must know his real name!

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His name was Rupert… was… Before he garnered too much power. Legend has it he became so powerful that Bjorn, the Chaos Giant, and all of the raid bosses together could not stop him. Last we heard, he transcended the physical realm, shed his mortal form, and roams the astral plane as a spectral wolf. He only materializes to those Shamans he deems worthy.


Words cannot describe the satisfaction…

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I’ve been wondering why I was thanking Rupert. Now I know.

Just out of curiosity… does there happen to be any illustrated holy texts of Rupert. I’m trying to get a shrine going but I am without high rez images of TFS.

Once I get back home I can get to work on some, assuming the new job doesn’t completely dominate my schedule.

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He is worth waiting for.
Take all the time you need. My house is not clean enough yet to put nice things in.


Thank you Rupert, for all that you have done. Us Shamans will forever follow you.

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