The forum and the website don't work from Russian Federation

The forum and the website don’t work from Russia, it is possible to come only through a proxy the server what to do?

have you tried using a VPN service?

Can you be more specific about what you mean by they don’t work? Like are you getting an error page or…?

using VPN service I now here, it slowly and inconveniently, without VPN use the website doesn’t open

the browser writes the following:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
Search Google for orbusvr

To come it turns out only through VPN Opera

I called the provider and I asked this question, it was clarified that these ip of the address; are disabled for access from the Russian Federation.
What IP address at a game server, I want to check its accessibility.

Hmmm, yeah, the website is hosted behind Cloudflare, I guess it’s possible that for some reason they are blocking it?

However, the game server is not hosted behind that, so you should be fine to connect to the game itself. If you can go to and just get an empty white page without any errors then you should be fine.

Thanks for prompt reply. Yes the page opens normally.
I have tested start, after input of the login and the password
expectation also happens nothing, after VPN service start writes “Your account doesn’t currently have access to the Alpha Test” at once, is similar that OrbusVR_Launcher also connects somewhere where there is no access from RF, leaves that after purchase of a subscription I will be able to play only through VPN?
I wrote the letter to Roskomnadzor, it is the organization which passes decisions on blocking of the websites from Russia, we will look that they will answer. They could disable something being on these addresses 104.25. ***. *** and the breaking any laws RF or the rights, I so think. Here the website of the organization, it is possible to check to the IP; and other address.

Hurrah, probably after my letter in Roscomnadzor blocking was removed, now everything works from the Russian Federation.
Thanks to all to took part in discussion and attempt to help. Bought a package of the founder, I start tests :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it! And that you were able to track down the issue.

I have received the official answer of Roscomnadzor :slight_smile:


We report that records concerning the specified network addresses are excluded from the Unified register.

Consultant of the hot line for questions

implementations of articles 15.1-15.3 of the Federal law

"About information, information

technologies and about information protection"

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