The Hell of Essence Mine (Event)

Essence Mine got several issues which should be looked into, imo. The first is likely a bug, the others are things I feel should be changed:

  • This I reported back in the Beta already: Sometimes I count 40+ shards to fill in, when soloing the event. That happend twice lately, both times I was alone in the shard. I made sure these all count, no despawns. So this is an insane amount which is not only tedious to do, but also takes up almost the entire event time. As a comparison, the similar fishing and portal events usually take 10-20.
    This does not happen every time when soloing, so I believe it is clearly a bug.
  • Despawn Timers/Speed: I run with blue weight and full speed perks, which hardly got any effect. The further away-shards despawn in my hand often, their timers are way too short, except if you pick them up right on drop. The speed advantage we worked hard for seems to be entirely negated by the “hill” also.
    On top of that I avoid using thumbsticks where I can normally, but autorun does not work without loosing the shard in your hand.
  • Number of Times needed for (weekly) Quest: This has been mentioned often on forums by others already, to no avail: The number of times this event is needed for quests is higher than many others and together with its frequency makes weeklies a pain. This one quest requires to focus on it a full saturday or such! Some even log out in that cave and log in during work, only to get this weekly done.

If these three things could be fixed/changed, first issue being the most urgent (and third likely easy to change), it would be a fun event, but in its current state it is way too tedious.



  • The “hit-box” on the machine is way too small and you have to be right next to it to throw in the crystals, please make the grinder twice as big so that you don’t have to walk up right next to it.
  • Most of the time, picking up a second fragment with the second hand results in the first fragment being dropped from your first hand
  • (90% sure on this) The event beam is not visible from inside the cave, maybe the event beam marker can be moved lower (below the floor) so that the beam is visible from the inside
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pritty sure they made the hitbox smal so you cant just toss the crystals into the grinder

Hi, thank you for the feedback. Regarding the first issue, it’s possible since that doesn’t happen all the time that somebody was in the general area and it may have scaled up the difficulty for 2+ players.

For the weekly missions issue, we do have plans to shake up those missions in the future and update what’s available and add more, but I don’t know when that will be yet exactly.


Since there was only me in the zone that would mean he logged out rightaway when the event starts though, or portaled/home cookied and that happening often would be odd, it’s not a rare bug…I’m often playing at server downtimes, being alone in the zone for a long time, so not sure if that can be the reason.

PS: On a sidenote, 40+ would be quite much, even for two players, I just did the fishing event with another person and threw barely 10 in and I believe he needed even less.

PPS: Did another essence mine, this time unbugged, being alone at the event site (4 showing in the shard/zone) and a quite normal amount of exactly 10 shards where needed to finish.

I was just thinking about this yesterday. This event is a pain, usually just skipped.

Generally, this event is one that I plan with other tasks in the area. There are times that I’m running around like a lunatic doesn’t seem like I’m making any type of progress and at other times it seems that all I have to do is throw in a few crystals and I am done. This is one of the more enjoyable if it’s offered in the Orbis VR experience

Oh hell yeah I’m not doing that event anymore at all. It just annoys me.

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