The implication

Let’s think about this for a moment, we need some lore here.

This is a Chaotic Evil Mount.


I like to imagine its @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka 's ghost pulling me around. It’ll make me feel like a king.

Sshhh it’s supposed to be a secret!

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lol, we are the bad guys in this story. :wink:

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I am a CE Character , so I am okay with this.

On a completely related note … can I have ghost orbs like J balls that have a rare chance of dropping from overworld pvp / battleground pvp that will be in the lootbags that drop… make it like a 1% player drop chance.

With a title that accompanies gaining one / a pair …
Keeper of souls
Reaper of souls
Master of Souls …

You get what I want … some dark edgy sounding name. …

Maybe … EdgeLord

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