The Most Needed Class!

Hello there everyone! I am trying out this game for the first time after having my fill of other VR games and am very excited to give this game a try. I’ve been playing MMORPGs for 16 years and have always enjoyed a variety of different combat roles within a game. When it comes to VR MMORPGs I am absolutely fascinated with the concept and hope to see it take off in the future, especially with the competition supposedly (and hopefully) getting hot in the world of VR/MR. But that’s besides the point, point is I’m excited to get started and all the classes look pretty interesting to me (besides scoundrel), and plan to use this demo time to get all the classes to 10 to get a great feel for the game.

So my question to you, the community, is this; Which class is currently the most desired/needed in pvp, pve, and world pve content? And why? I have a feeling I will enjoy pretty much every class in this game, and so being able to help buffer a needed class’ population and be able to provide the ability to complete more content for people who find themselves waiting for insert class here would make me enjoy a class even moreso than I would originally.

If possible I’d prefer people’s raw opinion and what they think based on their personal experiences, NOT what they think the community as a whole wants from what they’ve heard rather than experienced. I hope you all have a great day and hopefully I see some of you in game as well!

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I can’t think of a class that is clearly missing all the time in groups… But having an awesome tank (pally/warrior) is very rare and I have seen enough people in the game who don’t want to play if the tank is not good enough. So that one is most desired. But that is because it is really hard to get the experience needed… But if there is already another person tanking you get the opposite effect of not being needed.

If you want to play it safe for the short game I seen new Shamans ussually being taken faster by groups because the chance they suck is alot lower.

In the end the best bet to be most needed is to be good in pally tank, insane mage dps and reliable musky healer at the same time. :joy:

I play alot of dungeons and it depends… in random groups tanks are often hard to come-by, I believe they are overall the least played. However fixed (guild) groups normally got regular healers or tanks, so it turns out we mostly search dps to fill a group, if we must.

Which is also simply due to the number of spots, there’s 3 for dps and only 1 for tank, 1 for healer, so dps are needed 3 times more than the other two.

The next thing is the skill of classes, as Scott said, a good tank or healer is always more needed than one who possibly wipes the group, specially for beginner tanks it’s sometimes hard to get a foot in, due to my experience, since the group needs to practice with him, patiently.

As for dps it does not matter that much how you perform, an excellent group can pull any dps (provided he has basic skills of jumping out of AoEs and dodging), through any shard level, as long as the rest knows what to do. That and the mentioned open 3 slots for them is why I would classify those as most needed/desired in guilds.

As for dps-ranking (again, only my personal experience, after checking hundreds of logs, though), the most needed are “good” mages, certainly, then shamans, then comes rangers, then scoundrels. Dmg-wise the latter are in 90% of cases worst in logs, in an average group, even if they got some practice in already, rangers not so much, players seem to do decent dmg after some practice with these.

For totally new groups it’s a little different, of course “low” / “practicing” mages are actually less useful than any other class because you do near to no dmg while you are practicing spells while shamans, scoundrels and rangers hardly miss at least their plain “normal” shots.

So I will preface this by saying I do not participate in pvp regularly but do pve content a fair bit. In my experience an amazing tank with a decent healer or the opposite with an amazing healer and a decent tank can clear most content by keeping things going long enough for dps to kill things. That being said I do believe that having an amazing tank makes things so much easier whether it means running without a healer on end game content or even being well learned in what every class needs to do their job well. Example being a tank that keeps the mobs close to their shamans so they don’t have to chase them around or making sure that rangers have enough room to get their 15 or 30 meter talents. These things can make runs more enjoyable and run smoothly. Between the two tanks warrior it more self sufficient in content when it comes to dungeons and raids over paladin but a good paladin can add almost as much dps as a dps player but normally needs a fairly decent healer pair to do that.

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