The New Mobs Are Cool But All Look Similar?



For starters don’t get me wrong Reborn looks way better and has more depth than Classic Orbus ever did. I also love the old mobs like stags, valors, hogs, and felids back in game and how they were incorporated into the world. But the StaFrushers and the rest of the tree people and the Tear people look the exact same just ones all purple. I think that is a HUGE mistake and we need way more diversity of the mobs. The scavs could be a little more diverse bc some look the same but I think the more diversity of the mobs the better and I believe a lot would agree with me. Like even the salt thief’s or whatever doesn’t have to be stafrushers it could be something else like the old school skog troll or something new and random but as of right now it’s all the same. I understand having similarities but they are too similar.


I think if you want to make this criticism of the game it’s a fair one, but at the same time it’s not one we have a whole lot of control over.

We have X number of “art-hours” if that makes sense, to spend on the game. Those have to be spread across environment, enemies, gear, pets, etc. Whereas with the original game we made heavy use of 3rd party assets, in Reborn we’ve intentionally kept that to a minimum – and I think everyone can agree the increased performance, better uniformity of look, etc. are worth that trade-off.

Now that the “base” Reborn game is done, we’ll be able to continue investing those future art hours into new enemies, new dungeons, new gear, etc. as time goes on. It’s not like the game as it exists at launch is going to be the same one that exists even 6 weeks post-launch. The Raid will bring new bosses and gear and a few new enemies. There are 2 new “Giant” bosses that weren’t even in the last Beta that will be in on Friday. Etc.

So I guess basically, I agree that I’d like to get some more variety in, but right now we did the best we could with the constraints we had to work within, and I don’t think looking back I would do it any differently. But that is something we’ll continue to improve going forward.


I see what you mean and I kinda already knew that. I know there’s nothing immediate that can be done to really fix it but over time it would be nice to see more and new mobs.


Is that going to be out on release or will we have a few weeks to prepare for it?


The raid is coming out around 6 weeks after the release


Ah thanks. I assumed a few weeks but 6 weeks makes sense. I dont know how i missed the blog post that mentions this :stuck_out_tongue:.


At least you didn’t pull an Atro… I read the post and thought it said 6 months :blush:


(Just want to have the exact info posted here to reduce confusion and help lazy ppl :upside_down_face: Also note the APPROXIMATELY so not exactly guaranteed 6 weeks. )
"The Normal Mode version of the Raid will launch approximately 6 weeks after the launch of the game, with the Hard Mode version to follow shortly thereafter. "


Yeah no, not lazy. I just completely missed that blog post and this one time where Riley replied to someone that is all :slight_smile:. Watch your tongue boiii.


Now that you mention it… I remember that… :sweat_smile: