The No internet connectivity glitch is back

There is a message on the login page that says no internet connectivity. I am connected to the internet thought. I saw an old thread about this and the devs just reset to servers. So I was wondering if any devs had any ideas or if any players have had this as well.
Thank you

Just following up on this, did anyone else experience this last night? and did it resolve itself Grady_L or are you still unable to login?

No I have not found a solution and the problem prosiest, my Oculus is working other wise so I’m assuming it’s the game.

Have you checked your email associated with the account? It’s a complete shot in the dark, but “no internet connectivity” is what’s shown when you get your account suspended. Not saying that’s what happened, it’s just a possibility.

If you’re using a vpn try disabling or change your location and see if that helps.

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