The Possibilities for Classes in a MMORPGVR

Just started playing only a few days ago, and I can already see that this game has Promise to really open up MMORPG’s in VR. From being a warrior to a musketeer, each class feels unique in its own way and i love that about the game. I feel 15 years old again playing WOW for the first time in ORBUS and having a blast every second of the way. I then started to think of classes that could be so fun to create to further the identity of the world.

Imagine a Bard class, using instruments as weapons in VR to not only inflict damage to your enemies, but also heal and buff your allies. imagine the possibilities for a class like that. plucking the strings of a Lute to create melodies to inflict harm on your foes, or take out a flute and sooth your allies in the heat of battle.

Imagine a Druid class, being able to shape shift of some sort into a bear to tank, changing your hands to giant bear claws and swiping to cause damage, even roaring like a warrior to gain and hold aggro, or change into a tiger and pounce on enemies to inflict bleeds to them for damage, the possibility are endless for this game and I hope people are just as excited for it as I am.

What kinda classes would you like to see them think of?


Good question. I think it would be cool if the standard four classes splintered off into subclasses at a certain level.

Warrior subclass ideas

  • Knight
    • Full tanking class, huge shield, armor & health pool.
    • Low technical skill required
    • Perhaps replace sword with lance
  • Berserker
    • Huge sword & high health/damage, no shield.
    • Highly mobile
    • Think Guts, from Berserk
  • Swordsman
    • Dual-wielding class, attacks through highly intricate combos & can block some damage by crossing swords. Lower health & armor than other subclasses but very high dps when combos used correctly
    • This is the first ever VRMMORPG, how could we skip out on the dual wielding skill :smiley:

still want my lancer class

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But lancer always dies first!(fate reference)

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i imagine a Monk.
Punching enemies with your bare (controllers?) Fists!
Waving your hands in certain patterns (kamahamaha?)
or even punching in a certain tracked pattern like in a kickboxing class. (1,2,3,4,5,6!)

Monk would be cool. I’d play it.


I’d kind of like a runecleric where i can just equip a different kind of staff / wand to be a cleric and i’ll be able to do healing/support spells while still having the fun of drawing runes.

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i would like an assassin class


I think you could have a lot of fun with a class based around pre-prepping. Say a botanist class that grows plants/harvests seeds to make more plants for later use in combat. Sort of combining the by-hand crafting system with the combat. Of course botanist was just the first thing that sprang to mind. You could make something functionally identical as a mechanic that tinkers and releases little wind-up weapons/robots or something more magic themed.
Going with botanist for now since plants are cool:
Little garden in your player home, you plant seeds, water them, weed them, add fertilizer (could make via alchemy or using fish, combining the class with crafting even more) which modifies the quality of the plant, it grows and you can harvest seeds to keep grinding for class resources to a minimum. Put the plant in a little pot or maybe you get both a seed and a “pod”. So you collect a few of those and go out on the field.
Your offhand is a spade, your weapon is a seed bag/flower pouch. Spade the ground, plant something from your bag, serve different functions. Could be a pet class, maybe grow yourself a temporary weapon, provide healing, whatever.
Key here is making a VR class, not a normal MMO class.

I’m definitely for this! I love healing/support classes. I would play the musketeer but it isn’t the type of playstyle I like. I would looooove a cleric type class with a staff and having casting mechanics similar to the runemage.

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I’m just using well known classes for reference. I’m sure the Orbus devs will rework classic roles to be more unique:

  1. Bard is probably the top on my list. The potential for it to be extremely skill based (like the runemage) is just too great to pass up.

  2. Some sort of pet class is a must. I’m partial to the mage from EQ, where during some levels, the pet is actually stronger than the player. So much so that party members used to be like “Who the heck is critting for 130,034?! What do you mean its your pet?”

  3. Lancers would be super fun in VR. The jump command in Final Fantasy games would be so crazy. Jump 60 feet, hover for a sec, then come crashing down on top of your target. (Maybe vomit inducing for some, but not me :P) The lance itself would be great for VR. Mid-range melee class? Yes please.

  4. A monk like class is also too good to pass up. I’m envisioning it as a two handed runemage. Maybe make it easier than the runemage, so people that are having trouble casting runes can play the monk first. Complex Chakra moves would be great. They could build it off actual martial arts moves. Hold both triggers and your bracers start glowing, then perform the martial arts move, bracers strobe the pattern. Get the pattern right and you unlock fiery shock punch or something.

  5. I can’t imagine that there will not be a rogue/assassin class. Vanishing in combat so you can sneak behind an enemy and backstab is kinda a staple.

  6. This last one would need to be unlocked after you level another class to 20, with a long quest line, because it would be too difficult to play otherwise. The Poltergeist. This class isn’t very strong under normal circumstances, but it can enter and take permanent control of NPCs. Once you have control of the NPC, it could be any of the other classes, so you would have to be able to play them all decently. Entering a mob that is a mage when you suck at casting runes would be bad. If your group needs a tank, but can’t find a warrior, the poltergeist could take over certain tankier mobs, and do a slightly worse job of tanking than a warrior. Same goes with healing mobs, enough to suffice in a pinch, but not as good as a musketeer.


I can’t imagine that there will not be a rogue/assassin class. Vanishing in combat so you can sneak behind an enemy and backstab is kinda a staple

this or maybe a ninja that could also work

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