The Problem with Combat


The problem with combat :

It’s too stiff.

You get close to an enemy, it locks onto you, and then you fight while standing directly in front of it. Some enemies incorporate moving out of the way of certain attacks by teleporting or simply getting out of the way, but it doesn’t really make up for the fact that once you’re in a fight, there’s only TWO options. Kill it, or die.

#1 - Give enemies a line of sight. These can vary based on the type of enemy.
#2 - Bonus damage / stunning for sneak-attacks. This not only utilizes the previously mentioned “lines of sight”, but it also makes combat that much more interesting.
#3 - Allow the player to move in and out of combat more freely. I know the Q1 2019 update is adding more enemy attack styles and patterns, but without the ability to freely move and attack the enemy, it feels like a cake without any frosting.
#4 - Make combat more FUN. Give us different ways of killing enemies. Let us pick up rocks and throw them at enemies, let us chop down a tree and then lure an enemy near it so it crushes them, let us actively probe the depths of our brains to figure out different, fun ways to kill stuff!!

After all, what’s the point of combat if it isn’t fun?

(also, I know it’s a little off-topic, but there should be more secret stuff. Rare enemies that spawn and drop a special reward when killed or just secret areas that can only be accessed on certain days, times, etc.)


Ohhhhhh line of sight for sneak attacks! Love!
Killing an enemy by pulling a Villager attack from smash bros would be So freakin cool :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Alex_F check these ideas out


you need to read through the reborn posts. and to be honest I like the point blank combat the one in reborn is a pain for warriors with small play spaces.


You can also run away or just avoid getting into combat in the first place. There are more than just 2 things you can do during a fight. The trees and rocks sounds cool, but in reality that would be very buggy and in my opinion a rock shouldn’t do enough damage to be beneficial to anyone that has some skill at the game (mage spells, warrior combos, well timed archer shots, good musketeer orb rotation. Not to mention all of the other classes that will be in reborn.)


A fair piece of criticism, and I understand your skepticism of how well something that complex would work in a game like OrbusVR. Actually, to expand further on something like throwing rocks, it could always be used in different ways.

Throwing a rock at a small enemy may cause it to scamper away in fear, leaving an opening for you to either escape or fight an enemy one on one.
Throwing a rock at a large enemy will cause it to become angry, and just like loosing an arrow on it, it will start attacking you.

My main goal is to help try and push the idea of what will make OrbusVR’s combat more inventive and fun. Some ideas may go completely unused or even completely unconsidered, but it’s the suggestions themselves that keep those developers thinking. In a way, we have just as an important job as the devs do. (Not really, but we still have give the feedback.)

Thank you for your reply! :>

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