The Shaman needs some love (And fixes)!


I really like the Shaman as is BUT there are some things that need to be fixed or improved.

First of all please make it so that the Totems you throw can no longer hit the Totems on your belt:

In the same vein, please make it so that the Orbs you grab and throw no longer block your totems:

I would also like if you could give the orbs we throw via grab/release some more speed so we can hit targets that are further away, in dungeons the Shaman has a really hard time.

The Orbs not re-spawning issue seems to stem from an issue of overlapping Orbs because every shaman stacks the totems in one place:

And last but not least remove the Shield Totem, or replace it with something useful, right now it just looks bad.

Thanks for sticking with me I hope everything I said makes sense :smiley:

Edit: Also give us the option to put our totems away, every class can put there gear away only the shaman can’t which is annoying in some public events.


I agree with the shield totem. A self heal would be nice, since almost every other class has one, one’s that don’t can mitigate damage in some way. Shaman only has a cc and stun. Can’t use both however without sacrificing large amounts of damage.

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what? tanks can self heal and healers obviously can also self heal, but other than that scoundrel is the only DPS class that can self heal


Right, so 5 out of the other 7. Minor heals or lifesteal would fit Shaman very well, thematically.

Also, was shield ever actually implemented? Is it at all useful?

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Literally the next part of the sentence says ones that don’t can mitigate damage in some way. And I also said most classes. Rune age can shield, to mitigate some damage can they not?

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I had no idea they could stack like that xD

Is the second picture accidentally throwing a totem instead of an orb? I don’t feel like I get that picture otherwise.
keeps re-reading it and staring
The totem is laying sideways on top of the orb? O.o

I’m pretty sure I’ve had orbs not spawn when the totems were not overlapped, or maybe they were barely overlapped or too close? :thinking: I’ve never tried to intentionally overlap the totems, but sometimes I guess they do a little bit. I’ll have to pay closer attention to that, though I’m mostly certain I’ve had totems not visually overlap and still not spawn an orb sometimes.
Thankfully totems not spawning on my belt has always been resolved by shuffling around items (I’ll even switch hands and back for good measure) but when a totem is down and an orb never rises D:

I hope the shield totem becomes a thing sometime. Not that I’m against other ideas for its replacement if it comes to that, but I like the shield idea and hope it works out if it gets implemented.

Yes, I very much would appreciate “sheathing the weapon” would make the totems and bars disappear instead of the tool slot items. Those bars never go away D:


No, the second picture shows that a thrown totem can get blocked by an Orb, I placed one on top to show that :smiley:


It feels like you stretching it too far now by bringing up mage mana shield xD. Just to make a point? It is a really rare used weak spell.

If the argument is: Shaman needs healing because most others do have healing too, then the argument is also every class needs healing power. But I think they don’t because as said before most of those classes aren’t dps. It is actually 1/4th of the dps have (rare) healing. Which will automatically mean most dps classes do not have healing power. So Shaman does not need to be able to heal.


Yeah, this isn’t D&D


I would like to tack on something, I really want the option to grab orbs with trigger instead of the grip button.


Omfg please. This would eliminate my largest source of annoyance for the Shaman class… picking up totems accidentally when I’m trying to grab an orb and then tossing the totem at enemies.


Yes that would be much appreciated!