The small things make the biggest difference NPC NAMES

I am new in game and i see that have a lot things to be the game better, and simple thinks make all diference, a lot of npcs no have names “village” “barmaid” “local” lets go guys it just a little thing and easy to do, that will make a satisfactory change.

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While the thought of “Tony Horne” is extremely funny to me, I think the game isn’t story driven enough to make that work. Pretty much every npc has a mission linked to them, but only the main story ones have names, take for example Helga, Whisper, Sephotep, Ect. every other npc mission is more of a side quest more than anything. although, they are being given names as more are added, the captain Jethin in lamavora, the barmaid and her husband, Boss Ngathu in rainforest. i doubt they’ll change names of existing characters, but they’ll most likely keep the trend of naming newer npcs. Although, I do hope they add more names like “Fishy Individual”

This might be a matter of personal opinion but I believe the story is completely story driven
Anything that happens in the world has some story explanation (well mostly) for example the chaos portals appearing is because someone or something is causing them to open (and I believe whoever it is is going to become the new main bad guy) with the new highsteppe it was only built because we were able to save a certain someone who could rebuild it and even Ethan and khabor who have a entire secret quest line that builds out the world more and the list goes on.

With the npcs not having names I would agree to some degree, more important people we meet we learn their name like whisper, weird sisters, and khabor but it’s super easy to forget it so maybe it can appear above their head after you learn it like it shows in the picture but for the towns people I don’t think we should know their names because we don’t really talk to them so I wouldn’t make sense to know who they are.

I didn’t mean it like that, bad wording on my part, I meant more of, people dont play the game for a story, most of the playerbase is content driven, shards, raids, getting +6 +7 stuff and constantly impoving upon gear, stats, dps. while the orbus vr lore is really awesome, for most of the player base thats not why they play. and the amount of times. While I do think some story and thought should be put into new content, adding names to every npc is at best going to make a handful of people happy, and at worse piss off a solid chunk of the playerbase for “usless updates”

Sadly I’m going to have to agree with you on most of that but I do believe the main reason more people are into the gameplay then lore is because the lore can be super hard to get into. I think if the devs put more focus on lore then more people will play for it. Take the guy who made this post as an example, he seems interested in the lore so people definitely want to learn it. I feel like little things like this could help in the long run

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actually I was talking in a less profound way, just visual, not necessarily creating a story for the characters, just putting random names to give an impression of “uniqueness” as if the city was alive, as many mmorpgs do, like tibia, ragnarok, wow, eso, archeage and a few more that I ventured, I was adm of a perfect world server for 3 years and of ragnarok for 1 year, and these simple things make a difference, of course you and I took at least 8 ideas that can improve the experience, but all difficult to apply, this one in the names is easy and very subtle, but as said above, they can help in the long run

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I kinda like the idea. Characters having names like " just a guy in the corner" (messed up example) make them feel like they’re only there as plant pots. We actually know they really are. But why not giving them more personality?

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