**The Well of Urd ** Sad sunfish fishing affair coming this valentine



This valentines day, If you have nothing better to do, Come down to The Well of Urd’s: Sad sunfish fishing affair!

the grand highstepp is laying host to another fishing event.
at 23:00 UST/GMT this Wednesday the 14th we welcome all to a new valentines tradition of capturing helpless fish over and over again because remember, There is always more sunfish in the sea.
the rules are simple
you need to catch as many sunfish as possible in the allotted time
no fish attract potions only the luck of your line
and the contest last for 1 hour.
the prizes are a minimum of 1500 dram to the winner.
here is the timer http://itsalmo.st/#TheWellofUrdsSadSunfishfishingaffair
good luck to those who join.

in addition we will be hosting an elongata open raid after the event due to request.
here’s the timer for that http://itsalmo.st/#openraidelongatawellofurd


Very cool, But how will you check if the winner is legit ?

If I already have 500 Sunfish in my inventory befaure the start …


its going to be streamed so it will be easy to tell who’s lying and I try to pay attention to everyone there who is fishing and who catches what, this is usually a fun thing the guild likes to do and as always there is a slight honer system to it. but this was a good question.


Not just a screenshot of the journalpage for sunfish before and after the competicion?


that could work good idea


currently burnatour wins by default
the crash is why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgmzISfbrfE


i know some people are having issues logging in is the elongata raid still planned and if so meeting in new kingsport?


if steams api is back up then yes but I think there getting ddos-ed from the error being put out so it may be delayed but with any luck yes


Still can’t log in but as soon as I can heading over to elongata.


it keeps crashing we are going to try again in around 30 ish mins http://itsalmo.st/#hopefullopenraid


i didnt see anyone answer but is the meetup for the raid if people do make it in at New Kingsport?

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