There is always a bigger fish - but who caught the biggest?

Today I caught my first Da Magestic Flounder, a beast 148.78 lbs, I was surprised how big they are, and even more when the next ones I caught hat just about 30-40 lbs. So I was wondering if the first one was that big, or the rest so small.

It would be nice to have a highscore somewhere in highsteppe (maybe at chef Lethrow) where you can see the biggest catches of every fish.

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Except there isn’t always a bigger fish unfortunately. All fish have a max and min weight and the weight of each individual fish is picked randomly between these values.
Meaning a leaderboard for biggest fish would eventually be filled with the highest weight possible.

Spoilers, max weights of fish

Here are the highest weight every fish can have, with Flounder being highest with a max weight of 180lbs

However, flounder can also be as low as 20lbs. The fish weight precision is 2 decimal places so there is a 1/16000 chance to get a max weight flounder(it could even be twice as unlikely or more depending on rounding) so I don’t think a lot of people have caught a max weight flounder, but possibly enough to fill top 10 spots and if not, it’ll happen eventually which kinda defeats the purpose of a leaderboard. It’s something where it should always be possible to improve ever so slightly, but with this there’s a hard cap.


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