This is an Ourtrage!

I log on to my favorite game Orbusvr Reborn and I see the update and at first I’m overjoyed, but I then go into my favorite alleyway to see my guy, the ithecac dealer, only to find him gone, missing, estranged!!! this is unacceptable, where am I supposed to buy my Ithacac now, Darius!?! Everybody knows that guy waters down his ithecacs, not to mention they taste terrible, and he charges the same rate as the good stuff? And how am I supposed to get ruined potions now, make them? No thank you. I’m no alchemist. #bring-ma-boy-back
(Just kidding, thank you so much for the update and rebooting the servers, it was really nice logging on to different scenery, so thank you so much for that; although, the oculus PC version of the game is still stuck in the summer scenery, the standalone oculus and the steam versions of the game got the update, but PC connected oculus did not receive the update, which is a more pressing issue than the missing drug dealer)
Happy holidays! (:


Cracking up. Looks like you’re going to have to start doing speed pots instead…I know a woman who trades fish for pots…

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Not sure why it didn’t go out for Oculus Rift, but we pushed it out again and it looks like it took this time, thank you for letting me know!

If you run into me in game I might know a guy, who fought a guy, who killed the monster that once dueled a certain bishop back in the day that can hook you up with the liquid you seek.


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