This is an outrage

Over the last couple of years, the golden egg has been removed from the shard rotation. About 2 years ago we had back bug for two months straight in which there was a thread in which I had jokingly stated bring back golden egg

This is much needed nowadays as shards are extremely stale even on 15’s either raise the shard cap to 18 or bring back the golden egg. Us veterans have been running content for the last 3 years without much change since Hardmode Citidale or the addition of the chaos dungeons. Content being the same easy repeatable nonsense for the last couple of years has killed my motivation to log on and play my main account or even alts. We need to see some change in the endgame scene. Having a new affix that a vast majority of the playerbase hasn’t toyed with or raising the shard cap in general. (If opted for the shard cap being raised make sure that warrior can survive body shots on a max level shard, as Palidan has a 50% damage reduction when holding 0 pips and will be able to live a lot easier)


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