Thread for new shard modifier ideas!

Let me hear your new shard modifiers!

Friendly Fire: Only on 15s. Allies take 20% damage from any attack you hit them with.

Flip Flop: Enemy visuals are wrong. Stafrutes are Lich Kings. Bolters are tigers. They all keep the same stats and attacks, they just have the wrong asset.

Change Up: Enemy rotations are random (tank buster still on X cooldown to prevent back to back busters).

What do you have? I want cool, I want goofy, I want serious!

  • Unlucky: Player’s crit chance and chance to proc random effects is reduced, enemy’s crit chance is increased.
  • Twins: Every add spawns twice, but only has half the HP (Katsui’s idea)
  • ???: All enemy attacks do half damage, but also apply a decursable DoT that ticks for the full damage of the original attack

I don’t think that would be a good idea, with the visual issues the game has at the moment…


Some good ideas, many bad ones!

Fragile: You lose armor durability upon death.

Antisocial: Being near other players deals damage to them (Mistkeeper yellow phase). Probably incompatible with backbug and the like.

???: Enemies take less damage based on distance. (take 30% less damage at 0 meters, 0% less damage at 15 meters)

Faster Cast: Enemy attacks with the “bar” charge up 50% faster.

Explosive Strikes: Enemy attacks that hit a player deal 50% of that damage to other players within 5 meters.

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Your right here’s my revised version

Flip flop: turn all enemies into living flip flops


That one sounds like a variation of Reflective Strikes, being even harder to deal with as it doesn’t spawn in one enemy at a time. No no, wait.
You mean, someone in your party would be able to kill you?
Painful. Owch. Can’t imagine facing the Minotaur with that. Poor tank.

How bout…
Intangible: Random enemies get “intangible” buff for a few seconds, making attacks pass through them. If DoT was applied before getting buff, it keeps on getting damage from it.
Invisible: Random enemies get “invisible” buff for a few seconds, becoming invisible but still attackable. If a shard comes with Invisible and Intangible, the same enemy never gets both at the same time.
Dizzy: Every few seconds, players randomly change their point of view to a different angle (like spinning in place).

Probably as mentioned before for graphics issues atm it wouldn’t work, but it would be really fun!
An funny alternative for that would be:
Illusion: Some enemies look like the players in the party. Some players in the party look like enemies that spawn in that dungeon.

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Oh I LOVE that!!

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Oh Crit: Crit hits deal 50% damage back to the player
Knockback: Hits from enemies have a chance of knocking the player back


Randomly one player will appear on your back and you have to carry them X time. Stamina impacted huge.

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Imposter - like reincarnation but on death an enemy will turn into an assassin type enemy

Chicken - random coliseum chickens appear and attack you

Seance - everyone appears as those render ghosts quest players see over long render distances

Oooo, a piece of candy - enemies will occasionally drop an object that will either buff or debuff the person who picked it up for 5 minutes


I want that candy one so bad I want the whole pokedex of debuffs


1). Scoundrels are going to DIE instantly and make them Unplayable, Rangers will DIE instantly and make them Unplayable, Shamans will DIE QUICKLY every lightning chain. Pally would die after the tank buster due to the pip dump (if they get crits). Muski would be OVERPOWERED in over healing and pull all the time. Warrior would get a free 50% heal increase. - good idea, can be broken and can make half of classes unplayable.

2). Gets hit, Group Leashes :slight_smile: . and getting trapped behind walls and getting black screens. - i love it.

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I also just want to keep say “ooo, a piece of candy” before making myself an unviable tank for 5 minutes


This is a great idea, but it could easily be overcame with a party that is well coordinated and if you just group up together. What it could be is if the player is disguised as a mob the player can take damage from their team mates.


Confusion: at random times the lights will change and everyone’s actions have a random chance of changing, i.e. fireball turns into an pushback (you can tell the difference because there will be a green flash on spell or weapon effect.) poison card turns into debuff card. Cure wounds - shield orb. Ground slam to shield(mean I know). Piercing arrow to smoke arrow. Provoke to wound. Fire totem to hex totem. Protection to justice. GOOD LUCK YALL


i’d say yes except for the fact orbus breaks a lot and a class like bard would be unusuable that week simply because changing instruments is awful.

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