Throw compass up in the air to open interactive map?


It might be too early to say, but I’m getting weird vibes from the globe floating in my vision. On scoundrel I also have my cards near my face(ish) so my hand is kind of pointed upwards & I’m always laser-beaming the globe.

Maybe some kind of deploy-your-compass in the air kind of deal would be preferable? Like a very intentional tossing of the compass up in the air, not just a small throw or drop which could trigger false-positives.


that’s a great suggestion imo.
Also another thing that’s been noticed is that the interactive map opens up when you try to critter capture birds and doesn’t allow you to shoot and instead “interacts” with the map.
Map should be disabled once you activate critter capture


I agree on this one, bubble is kinda funky


Poor left handed players. I don’t know why the devs hate you so.


This is actually a right handed problem for scoundrel xD


I’ve also found that sometimes when trying to capture birds, you accidentally open the map. I agree with this


You are a genius


I mentioned this in another thread, but I’ll also post here for clarity.

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