Tile stacking question

Hello I’m curious can your tiles only stack 3 times? Cause no matter what I do I seem to be able to only proc 3 tiles at a time And if that’s the case why be able to put 5 tile sets on?

Yes only 3 tileset procs can be active at a time. If you proc 1 tileset fast enough you can have all 3 procs active. You want 5 tilesets on most classes because you want to make sure you can get 3 tilesets up in diffirent situations. Or some classes just can’t keep proccing the same tilesets on time to have enough with 3 tilesets.

Thought the minimum was two, that there was a in game block preventing the same tile set from going off twice in a row within x time unless another tileset went off.

Part has to do with the style of play. I’ve started making 5 sets where 3 work a lot for bosses and 2 for trash or soloing or something like that.

An example would be ground slam in paladin is more commonly used when dealing with trash (although sometimes bosses). So using that in a tileset might make a lot of sense for some of the time but not all of it.

Mmmh might have been the case in pre-born. Never knew about it.

But currently that is not the case. An example of 3 tileset procs working with 1 tileset in this video of blueduckyy:

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