TO ARMS! (Open Call for Elongata World Boss Raid - Sunday, October 22nd, 7PM EST: GATHER IN HIGHSTEPPE)

TL;DR: If you want to be a part of a huge open raid to kill Elongata, the giant world boss plant monster, be at HIGHSTEPPE at 7PM EST. We’ll head over as a group at 7:15pm EST.

All adventurers of Orbus (regardless of Fellowship or Level) are hereby called to help defeat this botanical monstrosity!

We shall gather in Highsteppe, near the Graveyard/House at 7pm EST and make our way to her spawn area around 7:15. (7pm Eastern = 6pm Central = 5pm Mountain = 4pm Pacific)

If you want to go to her lair in advance, this is fine, but be aware that recently a large number of mobs have been added to that area, so it isn’t like it was before.

Specific strat info will be given during raid prep to avoid spoilers on the forums, as generally requested by the devs.

  • All levels welcome, but the World Boss is now level 20 so if you are significantly below that expect to be one-shot if you get hit. (World bosses have been cranked up significantly lately and balance changes exacerbate this)
  • If we are successful we may try to kill it repeatedly as it has a 5 minute respawn and MAY be able to drop better gear than anything else in the game. (It’s also a 5 min respawn if we fail and it despawns)
  • Please be aware that in large group gatherings such as this with proximity chat enabled on everyone, it can become very confusing and difficult to coordinate, so during engagement prep and boss fight please keep ambient chatter and pre-prepped spells on wands to a minimum, Kamina.)
  • This is still beta, so expect bugs, disconnects, lag, etc, so please be as patient and understanding with issues as possible.

Count me in, and unlike last time I wont be a Level 2 Runemage and die instantly on every attempt.

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In, guess i gotta level up some

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I’ll be there, of course!

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Me and my towel will be there!

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I’ll bring those Sour heals. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m always up for salad with a side of redtail. See you all there!

I guess i’ll be there.

If anyone would like to watch I will be trying to stream this even tonight.

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You know i would never miss a raid

Welp I was a Level 7 Runemage this time around but I still died on every attempt, got some great loot though!

The raid was successful. We killed the first world boss three times.

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Open Raid Post-Mortem:

I didn’t get an exact count but we definitely had well over 20 brave adventurers gather up in Highsteppe to take on the botanical terror which is Elongata!

Facing danger in every corner, especially for the younger adventurers that joined us, we ultimately persevered three times against the mighty foe!

I’d like to thank everyone for attending, especially the lower level players! I know it can be a little discouraging getting killed, but hopefully you had fun and got to see what is in store for you at higher levels!

I’d also like to thank those players in far off timezones who had to get up early or stay up late to attend! (salutes Padis and Krayn)

I believe Mastershadow will have a group photo for those who were there at the end of the third kill, so look for that!

Dev Notes
The performance was close to silky smooth. Even with 20+ people and a bunch of mobs spamming attacks in every direction, I didn’t notice any noticeable performance hit on the server or my client, including no lingering client VFX or persistent major audio issues. Possible the best server/client performance I’ve seen so far for one of these. Well done, seriously.

  • Minor: Audio cutouts. I had a couple people say they couldn’t hear me, while everyone else could. Happened once or twice.
  • Major: The addition of all the lizard mobs into this area for the Anthropologist quest makes it dramatically harder to coordinate the raid and include lower level players, as their aggro radius and respawn time makes it really messy. At some point I’ll do another report on an Elongata kill with only 20’s, as it may be less of an issue, but if the hope is to allow lower level players to participate in the fun, this works against that a lot.
  • Major: The seed pods were effectively indestructible.
  • Moderate: The seed pods were acting erratically, as at one point they killed me but kept shooting my (non-released) corpse for the rest of the fight.

Here is a video of us killing the world boss and of our group doing the desert dungeon.

Boss attempt starts around 2 hours 30 mins into vid.