TO ARMS! (Open Call for World Boss Raid 7/15, 8pm EST)

The evil Elongata, botanical world boss of chaos, destruction and giant smoking seedpods that kill you has survived far too long and must be stopped!

All guardians, adventurers and even rapscallions are hereby called to help defeat this scourge once and for all!

We shall gather on the west side of Green Lady Forest at 8pm EST and engage when enough brave souls are present! (8pm Eastern = 7pm Central = 6pm Mountain = 5pm Pacific)


  • You can travel to Green Lady Forest by teleport (ask one of the alpha baldies if you aren’t sure), or by taking the steps down at the south end of Highsteppe, following the road East (it will curve around to the north), past Kingsport Lake on your right, and up the steps into Green Lady Forest. The west side of the forest has 4 large boulders in front of an empty cliff wall.
  • Specific strat info will be given during raid prep to avoid spoilers on the forums, as generally requested by the devs.
  • All levels welcome, but I’d recommend 6 or higher if possible.
  • We are likely going to kill it repeatedly if we have enough people, patience and will as it has a 5 minute respawn and drops rare shoulders.
  • Side note… I don’t think anyone has tried out the efficacy of luck potions on this type of thing, but if victory looks assured, it may be worth knocking one back, especially if you don’t have your shoulders.
  • Please be aware that in large group gatherings such as this with proximity chat enabled on everyone, it can become very confusing and difficult to coordinate, so during engagement prep please keep ambient chatter to a minimum.)

Awesome, I’m in! In fact, I volunteer to ferry people to the boss site. Starting at 7:50 EST, I’ll be near the graveyard in Highsteppe, ready to open portals to the Forest. :grin:


Level 12 musketeer, I will be there!

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lvl 12 musketeer also, will try to be there, but i have a report due so i may not be able to make it.

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I will make sure the server doesn’t crash! :slight_smile:


Level 12 runemage will be there!

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Level 12 Warrior shall be in attendance to this marvelous affair.

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Level 12 Musketeer ready to go!

Level 8 Runemage unfortunately unable to attend :sob: Good luck everyone!

I will try to get there. Depends if wife lets me and kids are down.

Level 7 runemage attending. Will try to be 8 by then.

I am broken inside and outside… can’t survive another 3 AM play. But good luck killing it guys! :slight_smile:

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Post Raid Report!

Big thank you to everyone who came out to stamp out this foul weed!

The first attempt went smoothly to victory, but then someone (who shall remain nameless) mocked the gods of the realm and for this our penance was a dramatically more powerful Elongata respawn. After several crushing defeats, the merciful deities took pity on us and returned the world boss to its previous state where 3 more victories were had. Grats to everyone who got a rotten finger and/or jungle shoulder gear!

I’d be curious to hear feedback from folks who were there (both those who were there the whole time and those who were only there for the first/second attempt).

Other than the obvious stuff like the graphical lag/artifacts and the boss getting stuck, just in general how did you feel having 20 people in a battle in VR? Too confusing? A ton of fun? Is it possible to have that many people and be coordinated do you think for complex mechanics, or should we reserve that size of group for just fairly casual “fun stuff”?

Just let me know what you think in general :slight_smile:

Super fun! Not too confusing or hectic – in some ways, it was less hectic than a desktop MMO raid, in my opinion. Having leaders to organize was essential, but that’s pretty standard raid stuff. Getting so many people together was the toughest part, but as we move into Beta and beyond, that will only get easier.

More, please! :smile:

Having 20 people there made the content easy, but it was very difficult to keep organized. I feel having 20 players working toward a single goal (Raid style boss or dungeon) could work if it was a pre-arranged group like a fellowship/fellowship alliance gathering with a leader established going in.

I think public raids like this are fine and really fun, just not for any serious content (for instance when the boss’s difficulty was boosted way up there was no way to keep people calm and focused)

Also the new voip makes it sound like everyone is right in your head. Makes hearing specific people impossible. I liked the proximity effect from before where if they were close and in your ear, you could hear them better than someone 10 feet behind you. This issue makes large gatherings a headache.

Overall I had a blast and if a few tweaks I believe it could be something really interesting/promising

  • Confusing?
    Not at all, everything is pretty clear. Big red AoEs off the spirits, don’t stand there. Black smoke? Probably don’t want to be hit by that. The group figured it out really quick, and even cleared it first try.

  • Fun?
    I stuck around for the whole thing, had lots of fun, even though I got no loot.

  • Possible?
    Definitely, I say raise the difficulty and make this something large player groups can compete over for rewards.
    I’d rather 20 people attempt it rather than something like 60 so that having a shot at loot seems at least a little likely. :wink: But if it ended up being competitive, like a 20v20v20 DPS race (3 fellowships?) could be interesting. Or just keep it as is, but offer a way to form up into larger parties, mute all non party chat and have each leader coordinate their own group against the boss. Suggested because VoIP was chaotic with that many people talking at once, really could use a solution for large scale content

That was really fun! It was really fun working with that many people, and it could work with other world bosses although maybe as long as their mechanics aren’t to complex, maybe a bit more complex than elongata, but not much more. Overall it was still a ton of fun.

Wished I could have stayed for more attempts, but I had to leave after the 2nd attempt due to wife aggro. I was recording so I will post the videos soon.

It was very fun. I didn’t find it confusing at all, aside from the insane moments before the wipes when the mobs were swarming everyone, but from what I’ve seen, that’s how things generally go in standard MMOs as well. Built in Voice chat really helped, as you could communicate with the other players & do other actions at the same time.

I feel that everyone knew what their role was going to be in the fight,

  • Warriors as tanks/primary target of the boss.
  • Rangers for ranged damage & knocking down the kill orbs.
  • Runemages did a lot of crowd control with their ultimates, and when mobs weren’t running out from the boss, they were hitting it with their high dps attacks.
  • Musketeers were support & healers.

Every player was busy through the entire set of fights. I really would like to see more large group content become available, as it is fun attempting to steamroll the tougher challenges in Orbus with a lot of players.

Maybe some point in the future, there could be a dungeon that could have multiple parties or a full fellowship running it together? It could be set up with an upper limit on the number of players, say between two to four parties working together to finish a large dungeon with a lot of enemies.