Touch Controller capacitive support

Just read through the getting started guide for the Closed Alpha (obviously can’t participate yet, but never too early to check out the features!). One thing that stuck out for me was that a trigger pull is used for the finger point gesture on a free hand to open the menu. This makes sense for a Vive wand, but because gesture support is built in to the Touch controller, I was wondering if this would eventually be implemented in game.

For those not familiar with Touch controller gestures, resting all your fingers on the controller buttons results in a hand at rest, but if you lift your index finger off the trigger, it “triggers” a pointing hand. Lifting your index finger off the trigger and your thumb off any buttons creates the “finger gun” gesture.

Anyway, I was wondering if there was any plan to support at least the finger point gesture in Orbus as pointing my real finger to select options from a menu would feel much more natural than squeezing the trigger.

Developer support for Oculus Touch controller button “touch states” can be found here:

Eventually probably yes. :slight_smile:

This support would come when we add support for the Oculus SDK (as opposed to just using SteamVR for everyone), which as I’ve previously said won’t happen until Beta at the earliest. Right now the easiest thing to do is for there to be as little variation between control schemes as possible, but eventually we’ll hopefully start supporting SDK-specific stuff like the touch states for the Touch controller, the (rumored?) “Knuckles” controller for Vive, etc.


Awesome, that definitely makes sense.