Touch controls feel awkward

The locomotion controls for the touch feel a bit awkward. Is there going to be a setting in the future to make it so the left stick is just motion and the right stick can be used just for the snap/smooth turning? I’m also having an issue where to move forward I have to really slam the thumb stick forward but to move backwards I barely have to touch it.

I discovered that you need to stretch your Arm towards the direction you want to move to move faster. I´m using the last type of locomotion (don´t know what it´s called out of my head) and it´s basically is what you wanted. I move with the left stick and turn with the right but if needed you can move forward with the right one as well (usefull to go through the journal while moving)

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O man I didn’t even see that option. Thank you so much it definitely fixed my issues!

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No problem man.

Wait a sec. are you “the” Brandon? xD

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