Touch hand controllers not showing in game

Has anyone had an issue with Rift Touch controllers not showing as soon as the game launches [making it impossible to progress?]

I’ve got latest USB drivers on board, all firmware is up to date, and I’ve even re-paired them - but still not showing up

I can see them in the SteamVR room setup, and the SteamVR tutorial, as well as see/use them in all other titles I have

Most frustrating so any help gladly received!

Hmmm I haven’t heard of that before. Have you tried running the Launcher as an Administrator? Sometimes that helps.

Also on your SteamVR status window, is it showing a picture of the oculus controllers in green?

Thanks - I’ll try the admin on launch - and yes - all is green in the status window on steam for every device

Had to run both launcher and Steam as admin - now works

Great, glad it worked for you!