Tracking for rangers

Long term goals:

This thought came to me trying to track down specific enemy types for the Noah quest line. It’d be cool if rangers could look down and see tracks that’d lead to an enemy. Though there are soo many mobs in some places they certainly couldn’t all have tracks.

It’d be an interesting pvp element too. Idk, I didn’t really flesh this thought out fully. But figured I’d drop the idea here and see what other input people had!

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It would only be effective when you are in the area the mob “lives” in. And most of the mobs will be there like 10 times so I think it would be useless to see the tracks they leave behind. For sure it would be the way a Ranger would be but I think it would be better if a Ranger has some kind of spawn list where you can see wich mob is spawning in that area you are entering or where it spawns but only when you discovered them (how could you know about it spawning there if you never saw it?)

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