Trackpad Locomotion Bug

Had fun learning spells. Adding my vote for an AFK button.

I changed locomotion to “trackpad”. Locomotion became an iffy thing. Sometimes the trackpad would work sometimes the teleport would work. Sometimes they’d both work. Never got stuck, but the system arbitrarily changes it’s mind as to what works and what doesn’t. Nothing to do with combat, that puts me into teleport just fine.

I’m curious: what time zone are you in that starting these alphas in the middle of a work day is a good idea? I spent 8 hours working and 6 hours sleeping for this apha. Wah! (alpha start, for me, is 10am on Friday)

I doubt many people get to play all 36 Hours of every test. Riley has stated as we head into beta he plans on trying to keep the servers up for days more at a time. So no worries. :slight_smile:

Hey @Strydr_Z, no need to worry about pesky character limits if you leave the test feedback in the test feedback thread :sunglasses::+1:

Also that’s weird about the locomotion/ teleporting. I bet the times you are talking about the locomotion not working you were clipping on pieces of the environment like trees, houses, ect (whenever I have my locomotion on they both work flawlessly)

I love track pad! I really need a way to turn right and left to change my pov. Back and foward is awesome, but rotation will help.

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You can, under the menu is an option called tracking type, change it to front-facing and you can use trackpad locomation while rotating in increments by tapping left and right on the same trackpad.


Riley is CST. You have to keep in mind that we have people from all over the world playing the game so there isn’t really a “good” start time. I think 12pm CST is probably just a convenient start time, which is fine because I’m sure 11pm Saturday night is a less than convenient time to be shutting everything down. As things progress further and the servers are up for longer periods of time this will become less of an issue.

If it makes you feel any better I wasn’t able to play at all this test so you got more out of it than I did.


@Damage_Da_Mage: I wasn’t complaining, just wondering. It’s a bit unusual, I was guessing Australia or something. Sorry you missed out!